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  • Hi mike

    Mine was ruby red 2015 performance pack. Not my car. Sorry. Never had problems with any of my 5.0s. I got a black on black 2016 pp now.
    Hey there,

    I am mustang shopping and saw an orange 15 auto with black amr wheels and supersnake stripes at Gerald kia in Aurora. I figured this was an enthusiasts car so I searched Google and your name popped up over on svtp forums showing pics of your stripes (pics are now gone) so I'm thinking this was your old car? If so, why did you trade it? Any issues? I have a '12 GT with mt and I've gone through two tranny and its whining again so I'm going auto.

    I used to love in DeKalb but just moved to oregon il. I hope this is your car so you can tell me about it if there were issues.

    I am looking for a x or H-pipe for my 2013 boss. I was wondering if you ever got that MMR H pipe for yours that fits after the cat delete to the cat back. I only need the pipe between the cats and the cat back, but wanted your feed back if its worth it or not?

    Thanks in advance

    Hello ArabianOak, I'm new to the forum here, but am looking at doing a tune with Shaun at AES, I would appreciate an opportunity to talk with you, if possible so I can some detail on the process and a better feel for your mods. If you wouldn't mind giving me a call at 216-401-1044 or if you'd like I could call you if you would provide a number. Thank you in advance. Frank
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