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  • Hey bro I had not checked my inbox in a bit. Did you get ahold of him? I sent him a message through here and he got back to me quick. I apologize on the late response.
    No thanks. $15,000 is my bottom dollar. I'll keep it it I don't get that, but I have constant interest in it at that price. Personally, I've never seen an unwrecked terminator sell that cheap. Also, I paid $9500 for it wrecked. And, it's well know that a stock one can be parted out and sold in pieces for $12,000.
    There are pics in the ad for the blower as it was supposed to be sold together. Single blade. Yes, it will fit a Sullivan.
    Should make 700-800 on 17psi I have not had it dynoed it had a tune when I got it.
    I might be selling the car to a coworker, actually, but I might be interested if it falls through. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the supposed fitment issues with them.
    Yea, the wiring for the speakers would need to be extended, and there are 2 extra pigtails to power the convertible top motors.
    i could do $500 on the hat shipped. Can include fuel level sender for $75 more. or Hat, level sender and 3 pumps for 725. Its all off the car and i have pictures of everything now also.
    Hey man thanks for the response but i am looking for rears only.
    I really just want the rims no tire, but if you want to sell just the rears with tires let me know.
    And if so can you send me pics. zip code 37379.
    Lowest I could go on the f1a kit is 3800 shipped. Little lower if you pick it up. If your interested shoot me a text at 9375540982.
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