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  • I am changing opg and when I took the tensioner off on the drivers side the timing jumped. I want to make sure I get it back the correct way. Is there any way you can send me the timing procedures? Thanks.
    Hello. I think I saw one time that you had SP longtubes on a 2011-2014 gt running E85. I have the SP longtubes as well, how did the 02's hold up with the E85? Every have any problems? Going E85 in a week or so! Let me know. Thanks!
    I need a intake/tune Lund tune combo for my 13 GT can I get a price quote? Can you text me at 7324854283.

    How's it going.
    I'm the guy that posted about the rear end built. Can you please quote me a price for a set of strange 31 spline axle, and the eaton tru trac.
    Here is my phone # 713 972 5602 - Cristian
    I'm trying to figure out exactly what this thing does....I know it's a two step which I understand, but how does the no lift shift work? Cause I can't stand the fact that sometimes I can't shift my car at high rpm, when it does it, it won't go into gear. Will this fix this?
    Hey I'm interested in the RXT clutch/flywheel combo. you said you'd let it go cheap. What is your definition of cheap? If we agree on a price can u send me an invoice so I can use Bill me later?
    Hello lookin at getting a 13-14 5.0. Need some help on deciding what to do with set up. Please text nick 314-596-1865. And let me know who you are when you text me. I have so many message from cars IV been looking at its hard to figure out who is who when talking to them. I was looking into the beefcake Paxton special with the torque booster. But can't decide on a car for the set up that would work best. Thanks
    Aye man, I saw you can get a good deal on the Lund tune with ghost cams. I wanna know what you can do for me with that. I already have a x pipe set up
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