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  • I don’t think i can pm. Been a lurker for years haha. I’m not even sure what to begin to offer on them I’m not sure what they worth and i don’t wanna insult you ya know? Just know that you will be helping keep a mustang from getting an LS motor haha! My buddy wants one in there so bad he is trying to drop one off and tempt me
    Hey blown38 im lookin to do a methanol injection setup like u got on ur cobra however i have the nozzles with the micron filters from snow perf and i got the smallest right angle fitting i could find for it, id imagine your running filterless nozzles. Im wondering what kind of nozzles and right angle and t fittings you have and if u had any clearance issues wen u dropped in the lower manifold. I was happy to see you were online earlier today and not an idle user
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