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  • Yea the show was good, didnt see oyu there so take it you didnt make it back in time...and EFI is good, but i just got my car tuned in south windsor (20 min from school) by Total Induction Tuning Solutions, he did a great job and i am very happy about it, you can tell him i sent you if you end up going there, and he was a little cheaper than EFI too...he kept the car over night to make sure it was good on cold starts etc..very happy ill give you his number if you want it...but yea we will deff cruise some time ill let you know in advance..u have a FB or some shit you check more often? - Christian
    hey man, i go to CCSU but i commute now..i was just at my buddies house...love the cobra tho...i remeber that car was for sale in Watertown...looks good, and yes tons o fmy buddies around here have cobras and a vette..we cruise all the time and go to meets...glad to see your now on the site...lol but yea hit me up 203-695-4873 Thanks man, Christian
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