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  • Hey man Im not sure if your getting my emails but im still interested in the export parts if youve got them.
    What was the "cosmetic damage" to the 2011 Shelby that caused it to have a salvage title ?
    just wanted to get back to you and let you know that it was definitely the junction box... had the problem continued i would have looked at the wiring as you stated, just wanted to thank you again for your input. you would have saved me a big head ache had the problem continued... thanks
    I wanted to thank you for your response, unfortunately the dealer insists this is caused by the junction box, good thing is its all covered by my warranty, i called them and told them that i received some input on what it may be, they said that it will be there second step on where to look... thanks again for your input... i just cant believe that the symptoms were exactly the same as what you were having.... to a tee... i will keep you posted, thanks again!
    Rio Red Snake... Can you help me? i am having the exact problem you experienced in the past with my 08 GT500... what did you find to be the problem? here is your old post
    Hi guys, just bought a 07 GT500 with 35k miles..

    The car has no turn signals show up on the dash, oil pressure gauge does not work, no fuel gauge working either, but all lights work like they should..and

    It says, Low tire pressure, check engine light, oil press low, parking brake on even though it isnt and a few more dings with warning descriptions. I did a few searches and found what the p0268 and p4xxx something (can't remember) codes were and alot of 05+ owners were having similar issues as well as a few GT500 guys...

    What is my next plan of action? If i change the box and get a used one do i have to get my keyless remote reprogrammed as well as key etc?

    I tried the battery disconnect trick and it does not work..Boost and Engine temp work perfect. THanks guys!
    The guy who bought your car (saleen replica) offered it up for trade for my camaro I listed here. I was wondering if there were any problems with the car, if it had a clean title or anything else I should know before considering it? My car is bulletproof and reliable so I just want to try to get some incite before considering it. The guy isn't local either so I cant just go look at it.
    Thanks in advance!
    Hey I think you may have pm's disabled. I sent ya an email, if you can get back to me I would appreciate it!
    I have a question. Why are you actively torpedoing SB490's attempt to sell his car? Are you the self-proclaimed site authority of the value of Cobra's? Have you bought one lately?

    So you don't think his car is worth $20,000...fine, then don't buy his car. What are you accomplishing by running a jihad against him?

    I was trying (quietly) to sell my car here but people like you have made it impossible to do it. How...well in my case some little shit posts that I don't own my car. Funny, the title I sent him a copy of & the lien satisfaction document state otherwise..but now any potential buyer will just stay away because some asshole LIED & they think my car is bogus.

    I don't know if you'll ever try to sell a car here or not but what goes around comes around & if you screw someone you'll never know when it'll come back & bite you. Yeah, what your mother said about ...if you don't have something nice to say..applies.
    Hi, I'm in NNJ, nice Bullitt. I checked out both Edmunds and KBB, they each list a 01 Bullitt at $6324 and $7840 respectively for the best possible condition option available for private party sale. Can you get to the $7k range? Thanks, Jim.
    im glad the show went well..i did end up driving by, but it looked like most people were leaving at that point, and wasnt sure if all you guys had left or not. Yea i would def. take the number from the place you went, kinda looking around and researching all my options before i make a decision. Yea friend me on facebook, my full name is Ryan Deasy.
    thats awesome, i would love to go out with you guys at some point. i have a 1/2 marathon on sunday, so pissed its on the same day as the show..the weather is gonna be perfect to take the car out, ugh. the race is in RI so i may try to make it back, bc its at 8am..hopefully ill see you there, otherwise let me know the next time you guys take the cars out. Thinking of taking my car to EFI logics, in the next couple weeks..heard anything about them, good or bad? Thanks man.
    hey, do you live by CCSU? If so, I saw you pulling out yesterday, I drove by in the red '99 Cobra. Nice car man, would love to go to a meet with you guys some time.
    On the rims/tires I can't do $330 shipped but could do something like $275 + shipping. Rims/tires weigh 50lbs each and my zip is 72758 - let me know if your interested.
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