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    S351 Re-build 95-112

    Definitely sub'd. The S351 is hands down one of my favorite SN95 models.
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    Off-Road Testing a 2020 Ford F-250 Tremor | Coastal Carolina Sand-Pit | Full Review

    How much of a compromise to towing does the Tremor package carry? A 7.3L Tremor is at the top of my list but we are looking to get a 5th wheel (or travel trailer) within the next year and I’m concerned the softer, off-road suspension might cost some confidence with a trailer attached.
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    Best RV forum

    I’ve watched a few of his. Very well produced and informative.
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    Best RV forum

    So, the plan is to buy a used travel trailer that I can hopefully tow with my existing F150 or new Expedition and use it for 3-5 years while we: A) decide if we enjoy it B) use it enough to justify upgrading C) want to stay with a tow behind (upgrade to Airstream) or want to move to 5th wheel...
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    Best RV forum

    We are considering getting a travel trailer and hitting the road this summer and looking for some (a lot of) information. How many here are into RVing and what forums are you using? This is a fairly new interest, we have no RV experience and are literally at square 1. We are going to rent/borrow...
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    Spec’ing a ‘21 Expedition Max: Tow Package or eLSD?

    I wish the FX4 package was an option for the higher trims. I’m assuming they don’t want to compromise ride quality.
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    Spec’ing a ‘21 Expedition Max: Tow Package or eLSD?

    Doesn’t appear so. “3.73 Non-limited-slip rear axle”
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    Spec’ing a ‘21 Expedition Max: Tow Package or eLSD?

    So am I correct in interpreting that the best options for normal usages are: Max Towing: -Trailer/camper towing -Neutral towing behind class-A eLSD: -Driving in slippery conditions (snow, mud, rain, sand, etc)
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    Spec’ing a ‘21 Expedition Max: Tow Package or eLSD?

    Trying to spec out 2021 Expedition Max and I’ve run across two options that can’t be selected together: Heavy Duty Tailer Tow Package ($795) ControlTrac with eLSD ($1100) Can someone fill me in on why to go with one over another? I don’t currently tow much outside of the occasional open top...
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    New Explorer, purchase Extended Service plan?

    I was a service advisor for a couple of years and yes, if you plan on keeping your vehicle past the base and powertrain warranties, the ESP plans can be very useful. A couple of recommendations: 1) Always go first party. The Ford ESP is significantly more convenient for both you and the...
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    How long will gas/diesel be available

    My thinking isn’t so much the supply being high and demand being low and therefore lowering the price. It’s more the concern of the government taxing it to hell as punishment for those that don’t convert to electric.
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    How long will gas/diesel be available

    With multiple vehicle manufactures committing to go all electric within the next 5-10 years, how many years after that do we have where gas/diesel is as readily available (and relatively affordable) as it is now? I’ll be in the market for another vehicle in the next couple of years and an F250...
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    The first generation IS300 was (and still is) one of the best looking cars of its era. It has aged elegantly and is still as attractive today as it was in the late 90s. I see clean ones rolling by every now and again and consider checking AutoTrader to see their going rates. The ISF was...
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    How many of us have children?

    Haha, thanks.