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  • Harry,

    I had an issue with my original X-pipe, it was not jigged square when it was originally welded which caused the right side to be approx. 1/2" lower at the tip of the muffler. I had that system approx. 1-1/2 years before I had it professionally installed and JBA had been bought out by Pertronix so I thought I was screwed.............not so, Pertronix had me send back the new original Shelby Perf. Parts purchased X and they replaced it. The new X fit nicely. The system itself is a little raspy, maybe too loud for some owners. I like the tips, they say "Shelby by JBA". I also have a set of Ford Racing shorty headers so the sound may not be dampened like it would be with a cast iron manifold. I do have the JBA hi-flow cats in my system. Over all I like it, the engine seems to spin up quicker than it did with the non-mandrel bent oem 2.5" system.

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