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  • On your lowering springs post , you cut the bump stops , why you do that. Any really appreciate it.

    Hi. Nice pictures of the GT rally. Do you happen to have any of a white and blue car with number 31 or (later runs) with blue or blue and read painters tape vertical on the side at the Texas mile? That is me, and don't have any good pictures from there. Thanks.
    Have I ever say anything bad to you in a Smackdown thread? If I did, I apologize, didn't know that you are a girl....
    Hey hybred, the hat came in today. I'll be opening it soon, thanks! :thumbsup:
    hey could you call me 918 520 0852.. im interested in your car, and im looking to get something this week.. im about 8.5hours away from you, thats if your right by houston? i can make the trip anytime if we can work something out? thanks randy
    Hey is there there a "How To" guide to swapping the circuit boards on the gauge clusters, or did you just wing it. Any info would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
    Michael C.
    Hey there,

    what can we do about this intake. I'm short on funds right now and was wondering if you have it after the 1st if you would do $200 shipped.


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