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  • Im having the same issue you had with engine safe mode. How did you fix the issue ? Thanks
    Sorry so late. It was tune related with another tune. Went with Shaun at AED and he fixed the issue with ease.
    Hi I’ve tried to post pictures say too large to post ??? Any advice on how to post them. Thanks
    Hey i see youve had both a coyote 5.0 and a on the fence here. I have an 11 GT /CS hardtop 6 speed, im thinking of selling for an 04 cobra convertible. I have a Lund tune, borla stinger catback and roush intake, my car is a ton of fun but i really want a ragtop. I live in Canada so our prices are a bit more, would u buy an 04 cobra vert for $23000, or 2014 GT CS vert for $30000? Cobra has 32000kms, GT CS has 13000kms. Car is a daily driver in the summer. Thanks!
    Hey man, see you're from the bay area and I've just had a bunch of work done by drew and Shaun. Running e85 and was curious on stations you are taking your car to.
    Saw a post you made a while back with Nitto 315 40 r18 on your stock wheels. Was wondering what lowering springs and how much was the car lowered at the time when you took the pics?
    Hey man,
    Great job with the E-85 project. And hope works well.
    There's something that got me a little troubled and is the sensor. I've got the same you have, but can't figure out what AN fitting to use on the smaller tubing. I think that large (out-flow) is a spring lock 6 AN, but what connection do I use for the small one since the diameter is smaller? And where can I get it?
    Your help is much appreciate it.

    How much do you want for the 03 stock rear springs? About how many miles are on them? I can paypal the money and send you a shipping label you can attach to the box.

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