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  • Hi there, not sure if you'll see this but I found a post back a long time ago about your IRS swapped Mystic and you going from Bassani to SLP piping on the exhaust. I'm in the middle of doing the exhaust on my swap and found that the fitment of the Mac exhaust is sub-par. Wanted to know more about why you went from Bassani to SLP if you can remember back to 2011 :) Thanks!
    HI I read what you said about the 94 4v into a new edge I'm done with everything needed yo drop the engine. Now I was wondering if a sct tuner can work for me. Hope you can help thanks
    well i think this time ill be going with something better then chinese on3performance kit i have one already and man i had a hard time making this fit on my 97 cobra . is not a bad kit for the 400 plus im making right now but next time ill go with a better brand .
    what are you planing on doing to the car next ? im trying to find someone to help with some build advises im looking for around 700 rwhp but not trying to spend 40Gs on that and i dont know what parts to go with so im stuck..
    Hey brother just wanted to say your car is the most beautiful cobra ive seen its BADASS bro thats exactly how i want mine to look beautiful MACHINE.
    hey man you dont happen to know how to wire up red taillights on a 99 cobra do you? i have the harnesses that came with the red tails also not my cobra harnesses
    which cat back setup is on your car in your sig? whatever they are they look awesome.nice rear shot
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