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  • Hello,

    If you wouldn't mind sharing, I would love to know what size and make of tires you have on your truck, and also the make and model of your wheels. Boyd's maybe? I have been looking around for some info on lowering my F150, and I happened across the "lowering an L" thread on this site with your truck pictured in it. You definitely have one of the toughest looking trucks around. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

    I am totally Interested in your Flowmaster Cat-bac system.
    That would help me out soo much...
    Its a long story, but I have blew through my buget for my Lightning. Between Tires, brakes, and etc.
    I have family that live up that way(Addison,IL) so it would be a great reason to stop in and say hi to them.
    My number is 317-650-3728
    or message me back or email me at [email protected]
    Scott Helton
    Thanks again!!!
    Hey, I have an 02 True Blue L, saw your post on the center counsel and seat cut, I talked to Dan Doherty at Riggs Bros Interiors in Downers Grove. He told me he could cut the seat and make it look snazzy no problem, and that he's done em before. They have several locations in IL. Noticed you were in berywn so I figured I can send what little I knew.
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