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    2018 F-150 Is Here - Diesel Inside

    Figured this should go in here: No figures for the diesel engine yet.
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    New Mach1 or Bullitt?

    Since Guard is gone (leaving a vacancy for another shade of green) and we've already seen photo evidence that Ford was at least thinking about it, I'd say a Bullitt model is more likely.
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    Mustang prices through the years.

    Wow, it's pretty awesome how close they've remained when adjusted for inflation. That makes my 2016 GT barely $1000 more than a 2003 GT even though the 2016 has more of literally everything.
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    John Wick: Chapter 2

    Anyone else see it yet? Shit was ****ing brutal.
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    Rear Gears

    It sounds worse than it is. The 8-speed auto in those cars has very short gearing (1st is 4.71!). It's actually shorter overall than a manual which has a 3.70 rear end.
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    stock 2016 GT auto

    That is impressive. My bolt-on S550 traps the same but my best ET is only a 12.9. I have the same 235s and they're terrible but that auto seems to make up for them.
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    Ported Eaton 515/503 Upper Only

    That torque curve is beautiful
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    Ford GT makes 647 HP/550 TQ, weighs 3054 lbs, has top of 216 There's a full spec sheet at the bottom of the article. edit: used too many characters in thread title, it should read 216 not 21 lol.
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    Hybrid Mustang, F-150, and Transit is coming

    I hope the hybrid powertrain is an option for the V8s. I'm imagining a Coyote motor that comes with the GT350 (or similar) manifold from the get-go and revs to 7500+ RPM but has huge low-end torque from the electric motors. Nice fat powerband. That + 10-speed auto = big acceleration. Or just...
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    How old were you when you got your 1st Mustang...

    I had almost no credit history at the time so I was paying a 14% interest rate on a 4 year term through Navy Fed. So pretty bad lol. I've come a long way now thankfully
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    How old were you when you got your 1st Mustang...

    Enlisted at 22 and did what all boots must do, I bought a Mustang shortly after I finished basic training. I'm 27 and on my 5th Mustang now.
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    5.0 getting replaced by 4.8L?

    Coming back? We ARE in the golden years. Cars are so powerful nowadays that automakers are having to take other measures to make them faster because they're putting down more power than can be actually used in most situations. Some of them are even decent on gas in spite of that. We've never had...
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    Imagine a Hellcat that can corner, a GT350 with 124 more horsepower, and an M4 with great steering.

    ^I love them both but I bet the results would've been closer had it been auto vs auto or manual vs manual. edit: beat me to it.
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    2017 Ford Raptor HP and TQ Confirmed
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Airman who's been on Army bases his whole career. What is this "lightning within 5" tomfoolery? :D