2 valve

  1. B

    FOR SALE: Thump Racing Tensioner 96-99 Ford Modular 3 Bolt

    Up for sale is a Thump Tensioner with around 1k miles in excellent condition that came off my 99 2 Valve mustang. SOLD
  2. B

    FOR SALE: 2.1 Kenne Bell for 99-04 Mustang GT $3500

    Up for sale is my Kenne Bell kit i pulled off of my 99 2valve. Its a 2.1 intercooled kit with a 2.6 inlet and comes with a 3.25” pulley making around 9 psi.I used a CNC machine for the spacer between the blower and the manifold to fit this kit under a stock GT hood as long as you have the hood...
  3. 04CobraCorey

    For sale/trade: 1991 lx coupe mustang and 2011 ford 6.2l/6r80 setup

    FOR SALE OR TRADE. 1991 LX Coupe and 2011 Ford 6.2L/6R80 Setup... Asking price as a package is $6,500. Willing to work out something with any serious buyers. The longer this car goes without selling, the more parts I'll put into it.. The more parts I put into it, the more I'm wanting to keep it...
  4. Jmpodo511

    2000 gt w/5.4 2v (oil Seperator/ catch can question)

    I was looking for some help and any input would be appreciated. I have a 2000 gt with a 5.4 2v with a d1sc prochager. Currently the car just has filters in the valve covers. Id like to switch to a oil Seperator but don't see a custom kit for a 5.4 2v. My pcv valve is in the middle of my...
  5. K

    2002 mustang 2v build NEED HELP!!

    TRYING to build my 2002 mustang gt up without breaking the bank. Ive looked into cams, plenums, exhaust etc.. But I am relatively new to these motors. Is there anyone out there that has experience with these motors? I have a 2002 mustang gt lowered 2 inches stage 2 clutch (looking to...
  6. C

    FORE Fuel Rails (99-04 2Valve)

    Have a Pair of billet Aluminum FORE Fuel Rails for any 99-04 2 valve Mustang. Rails have less than 4k miles on them. Went to a different fuel rail setup so these are no longer needed. Perfect working condition. Looking to get 150$ willing to ship anywhere in the lower 48. Buyer pays shipping and...
  7. THE RED 1

    2V parts

    Accufab 75 mm tb and plenum *POLISHED* NOS wet nitrous kit includes: 20lb bottle, lines from trunk to hood,fogger plate, fogger nozzle, 150hp jets, purge solenoid&nitrous solenoid, WOT switch OEM 94-98 headlights and markers $50 shipped PI SWAP includes: heads, intake manifold and all timing...
  8. luke1333

    04 duramax vs 02 gt 2 valve who takes it?

    alright guys coworker and we are going to race next tuesday on the street. 04 duramax vs 02 gt 2 valve 1/4 mile on back road. all marked off. Question is who takes it? specs on duramax 04 crew cab dually 6.6L upgraded turbo race trans shift kit and stall stacks lol 02 gt conv 2 valve...
  9. luke1333

    2 Valve Kenne Bell? Worth it?

    Question for all you guys in the blower field. Kenne bell on a bone stock 2 valve. Maybe next spring i would like to have $5000 to drop on a blower. Kenne bell preferable. So how possible is it to run a 2.1 kb on my stock 2 valve? I mean kb.com says 9 psi intercooled makes 420 hp. Sounds good to...
  10. P

    Miscellaneous Mustang/CrownVic Parts For Sale! New and Used

    I have many many parts for sale new and used for various mustangs, I will start listing them slowly. Ive been selling on ebay for years and have a verified paypal account with many many positive sales and purchases. First Part up for grabs is a stock 2003 Mustang 4.6 liter 2 valve front...
  11. fordcrazy302

    Head swap

    I'm looking to swap the stock heads from my 1996 gt to either pi heads that are ported or trick flow heads made to replace the stock pi heads that came on the later model mustangs (2002 - 2004). Would the kit for the pi swap work on the trick flow head? Would I even need a swap kit for them?
  12. fordcrazy302

    Cam suggestion for 2V 4.6 with blower??

    Okay so I have a basically bone stock 96 Mustang GT 2V. I have decided to start building a nice street car. I've taken this serious enough to get a second job and put all of that money into another savings account just for this car. So here is where I'm at. I want to buy the PI Head conversion...