crate engine

  1. Willadams

    Can I use S550 exhaust cams in 11-14?

    Hi all, I've got a new crate engine in my 2011 Coyote. It's got the 2015 cams/Phasers/chains etc. I've been told I need to change back to 11-14 VCT for the engine to run properly. I keep getting bank 1 and 2 intake cams over retarded codes. I've heard that the S550 exhaust cams can be used...
  2. EditorTurner

    Ford Performance 5.3-liter Modular Short-Block

    Big Package Inside Ford Performance’s big-bore, modular crate engine By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Performance Parts Recently we shared Ford Performance Parts’ announcement that the OE hot rodding division is now offering a 5.3-liter modular short-block (PN M-6009-B53; $6,800). This...
  3. EditorTurner

    Ford Performance 5.2-liter Aluminator Crate Engine

    High Potency Ford Performance highlights its new 5.2-liter engine in an S550 automatic By Steve Turner Photos by Bill Cook and courtesy of Ford Performance At the PRI Show late last year, Ford Performance Parts teased us with the possibility of a new engine offering based on the 5.2-liter...
  4. EditorTurner

    Ford Performance 572ci Big-Block Crate Engine

    Big Thumper The first look at Ford Performance’s new 572-cube, big-block crate engine By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Performance Amongst all the excitement at this year’s Mustang Week we spotted something distinctly retro under the canopy at the Ford Performance trailer. Yes, the Blue...
  5. EditorTurner

    Coyote Crate Engine Mufflers

    Isn’t That Crate Borla built its new mufflers to maximize your Coyote 5.0 engine swap By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Borla Performance Industries Crate motors are all the rage when it comes to revitalizing an aging project or powering a ground-up build. It’s easy to understand why because...