1. Gbone

    96 Cobra Shortblock F/S Teksid Block, 8 Bolt Crank

    I have a 1996 Cobra Shortblock that I am wanting to sell due to the fact that I am just not using it and it has a spun rod bearing. This block and crank would be great for a high hp build just with a different set of rods and pistons. I am willing to separate, but would like to sell as a whole...
  2. D

    5.0 NA Stroker Cam Selection

    Anyone running a NA 5.0 Stroker (4V Cobra motor)? Looking very seriously at taking the plunge this week. If anyone has experience, I am looking specifically for cam selection. Running a stroker on stock cams, or even on performance cams meant for 4.6 motors, will increase low end and kill top...
  3. Mach1raptor

    Have $1200 to spend on wheels and tires. What you got?!

    I have about $1200 could be a little more for the right deal. I want minimum 18"s and I'd need tires to come with the wheels. Don't want the everyday mustang wheels! I want my CO Mach 1 to stand out in a crowd (a budget crowd lol) I wish I could afford more but the Air Force doesn't pay that...
  4. S

    4 valve engine rebuild help

    So i'm completely ready to drop my wap 4.6 4v from an 04 mach 1 into my 2000... i'm going w/ a vortech v2 T-trim supercharger pushing it around 16psi w/ an fmic... So to do that i'm gonna forge everything and rebuild. i've never rebuilt a mod motor, but my buddies are professional mechanics, i...
  5. S

    4v build up questions???

    bunch of questions, prefer answers from people that have actually done the mods and cans say yes/no as far as gains and cost value. thanks all going in a 97 mark viii 4v, but i already have a forged cobra crank, 98 cobra cams, and 97 cobra intake manifold, 03/04 cobra forged rods... so it will...
  6. S

    need 4v forged internals, rods and pistons

    im building my mark viii 4v up and am looking for some 03/04 forged cobra pistons and rods. well anything forged really that is not gonna cost me an arm and a leg. im ok with used as long as the parts are still useable and not trash. forged only, and wanna keep cr low for future boost. thanks
  7. Boosted4_life

    2001 Twin Turbo Mustang GT

  8. V

    02 Built and Forged Supercharged A4

    02 Audi A4 3.0 Quattro with every option. 80k miles Steering wheel shifters Front and rear heated seats Sport Package Power folding mirrors Dual power seats Heated mirrors...every option All weather mats OEM S4 front (not installed) $450 18" RPM wheels with 4 brand new tires $1200...