1. N

    01 Cobra IRS clarification

    Hi, everyone, I am posting this because I have read a lot of mixed opinions when it comes to the 2001 Cobra, I recently bought one with a blown rear end, I am in the process of rebuilding it and I have found that the 01 and 03-04 are virtually the same with the exception of gears, I ordered an...
  2. Canman2531

    FS: Brand New Unopened Full Tilt Boogie Racing (FTBR) IRS Upgrade Kit

    UPDATE: SOLD. I bought the kit in 2017 with the intention of installing it over the next winter. We moved and then had a kid instead, so that kit (among many other upgrades) have been put on a permanent hold. May even sell the car itself as it rarely gets driven anymore. The box has...
  3. ATCzMustang

    How to replace the IRS Cross Axis Joints using the Full Tilt Boogie Kit on a Mustang COBRA

    Hello after going through the process to replace the cross axis joints on my 01' COBRA, I decided to help anyone in the future, and made a video on my YT channel on exactly how this is done. Hope it helps others! How to replace the IRS Cross Axis Joints using the Full Tilt Boogie Kit on a...
  4. kzite29

    WTB - IRS Wheel Speed Sensor RH

    ABS Light just came on after owning the Cobra for a while. Turns out the PO installed the SRA ABS sensor on the right side of the IRS and the car just "figured it out" after all this time (years) and threw the code. Anyways, these things have been discontinued for a while and are difficult to...
  5. Julien03termi

    WTB MAC 3 inch Catback

    So upsetting they went out of business. Looking for a MAC 3 inch catback for my SRA 03 Cobra. I'd take an IRS catback as well. I NEEDS IT.
  6. L

    IRS inner halfshaft boot replacement WTB

    I've been searching for new inner boots but only see them for $50/ea, curious if anyone found a Dorman part #.
  7. ATCzMustang

    What bushing is this on the rear of an 01' COBRA?

    I have an 01' COBRA and these bushings on both sides on the rear of car look to be in pretty rough shape. Issue is I'm not exactly sure which bushing it is. This is above the brake rotor in what appears to me to be the upper control arm mounting to the hub/spindle, but I'm not sure. This bushing...
  8. Payton220

    WTB: IRS assembly

    Looking for a complete IRS assembly to swap into my fox. Let me know if you have one! im located in Northern California
  9. THark88

    IRS Bump Steer

    So my IRS is currently out (doing gears, bushings, sway bar links, lowering springs, shocks, etc...) and i have a set of adjustable outter tie rod ends to go with it. i have no stock bump steer measurements and frankly don't have a way to measure it. also, besides youtube videos i have 0...
  10. THark88

    IRS Rebuild Experiences

    So, i'm trying to break up the project over 3 weekends. i'll be removing the IRS and doing all new bushings, front diff brace, diff cover brace ect... i'll be doing it in the garage on jackstands. i'd like to hear what issues you ran into, and what the solution was... figured if i get some...
  11. THark88

    IRS bushings - budget build

    So I've looked over and over.... And I'm trying to get opinions based off ofof person experiences.. what brand bushings have you put in your IRS? My rear diff is leaking and I'm having a hard time paying $1,000 for bushings.. I know there's only a few companies making them, but I think it's...
  12. THark88

    Jack stand points

    Ok, so I need to get my car on 4 jack stands so I can drop the irs, and put rotors on the front. I did the clutch last week on a lift and used the jack points (pinch welds) but I will not be doing this on a lift. Since jack stands are "U" shaped I don't believe they can be used at the pinch...
  13. THark88

    Gear Oil Smell

    First, i'd like to introduce my self ! HI, LOL. car is a 2001 vert with just shy of 85k miles. Texas car. i have not had the car long and have only put 600 miles give or take on it since i've owned it. it's in VERY good shape. But i have noticed that on the freeway if i cruise at 75+ after a...
  14. dannyboy27834

    F/S 2001 Cobra IRS

    I have recently (Aug 4th) removed the IRS from my 2001 cobra. It is complete minus the brakes, shocks(completely worn out) and some hardware that I reused on the SRA install. I have Eibach lowering springs that come with it. I live in Greenville NC and Ill bring it to you if you live within a...
  15. Slowings


    Need new rear ABS sensors please and thank you
  16. S

    IRS ABS Sensor

    WTB rear passenger ABS sensor for IRS
  17. 1s9v9t7

    Weld Racing 16" Rears (IRS Setup) and 15" Fronts with tires!!!

    SOLD. Please Delete Post
  18. Bakerfish17

    IRS Drag Setup Fitment

    Hey guys, looking for some info to see if a drag setup I'm looking to pick up will fit on my 03 that still has the IRS. It has the Maximum Motorsports rear tie rods and some other beefed up mods. Im looking to pick up a set of 15" champion beadlocks and 17" alumatars. Champions have 28x10.5 mt...
  19. Slowings

    01 cobra driveshaft work with 04 cobra IRS?

    So a past owner did a solid axle swap to my car, I've recently purchased an 04 IRS to convert it back, is my stock driveshaft compatible with the IRS? I'm quite new to this so I'm sure I'll be blowing this forum up with technical questions and what not once the real work begins/nears this...
  20. S

    Has anyone used KW coilers for drag racing? Can vikings be used for back roads?

    So I am dead set on keeping my IRS, and I am planning on installing FTBR bushings soon, but I am trying to figure out the rest of the suspension. My car will be a street/strip car that handles better than stock on the twisty back roads, the drag strip and the occasional track visit. Has anyone...
  21. Slowings

    Looking for an Axle swap SLA for IRS

    Hoping I'd have some luck for a straight trade, previous owner got rid of basically everything that made my 01 cobra, a cobra, including the IRS. Looking for anyone who would like to swap their IRS for my SLA out of a low mileage 03 GT, with 4.10s, new LCAs and stiffer rear springs. I believe...
  22. M

    New member, old visitor

    What's up everyone. I've been on SVTP quite a few times but never made an account until now. I started out with a 1998 Laser Red/pink(ugh) GT and later moved up to a 2007 GT (don't hate me), and have since moved on up to my 2001 Mineral Grey Cobra. I can say without a doubt that the cobra is...
  23. ModularMadman

    Billetflow IRS brace - $75

    I've been meaning to sell this. It is Redfire red, but the color isn't all that great after being attached to the diff for a few thousand miles. I got a new set of hardware from Billetflow to sell with it. The diff cover bolts are longer than the stock cover bolts so you need these to install it.
  24. Canman2531

    3 quick FTBR IRS Bushing Kit Questions

    I’ve been reading the forums for all I can about the FTBR IRS kit, watching vids, etc., and I finally pulled the trigger. I ordered the FTBR IRS 5001 kit (kit + Delrin Rear differential lowering mount) along with the Ford Racing Reinforced IRS Rear Diff Cover milled for clearance. Before I...
  25. electricgreendrock

    In need of rear diff housing!!

    So I had my pinion seal replaced shortly after buying my car and I guess they didn't torque the nut correctly during re install and my pinion bearing let go which let the pinion gear eat the inside of the housing so I'm hoping some one near ga has a pumpkin that I can buy with out having to buy...