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  1. J

    Anniversary Cobra - What to do next?

    Hello Everyone, After the snow melts, I am planning to buy my buddy's 2003 Black on Red/Black Anniversary Cobra :pepper: The Cobra is a convertible. He provided the current mod list for the car (Please see below) and let me know that there are only 18,000 miles on the car. He has had the car...
  2. D

    New member w/ new 98 csvt

    Hey Everyone, I've had 2 Taurus S.H.O.'s previously before just buying a CSVT. I always wanted one but at the time they were out of my price range back then. I got one in pretty good shape, no rust, recent trans work done, engine purs no unusual mechanical noise. I've had a few DOHC engines...
  3. DirtyDan10

    New Member (just bought a 2003 cobra 10th)

    Hi Guys Danny here, new to forums and the website, just bought a 2003 cobra 10th anniversary 17k miles sterling silver, hope to make new friends and learn new things about the t-800s :rockon:
  4. J

    New Cobra Owner from Colorado

    Hey Everyone just wanted to introduce myself. Name is John from Colorado, Picked up a Blue 03 Cobra with 35k miles about 3 weeks ago. So far I am LOVING this car, I have been around them a lot but have never owned / drove one. So far from what I have figured out it has Bassani Exhaust...