1. LethalJoe

    JB4 Results on 2.3L Bronco! - Lethal Performance

    Hey All! Terry over at Burger Motorsports has been quite busy testing the JB4 on a 2.3L Ford Bronco this week, and needless to say, it made some super impressive numbers, as expected, but not known for a fact until now… The truck itself is a completely stock 2.3L w/ Sasquatch Package...
  2. Robert Saienni

    Tune sharing?

    I noticed many of us install the same mods... Wonder why nobody has posts mods and said: "Hey, if you have the same, use this tune I copied". Yes, it sounds crazy, but is it really?
  3. I

    Cobra in North Jersey

    Hey whats up guys? Haven't really posted much on the site, still getting used to it even though i bought my cobra back in december 2012. Well anyway, i bought the cobra with ONLY and SLP LM catback, dyno-ed it a couple months later and got 397 rwhp on a 96 degree day, with the only mods being...
  4. bigred2013

    Bad Gas For AED Tune?

    I just installed my Lethal OffRoad X & AED Base Tune Saturday, got it Datalogged for Sean Sunday and now apparently have bad gas? Idk. Says the octane of the fuel is low but i've never touched anything but 93 in my '13 GT. Could it possibly be that when I did the logs I only had 25 miles to...