02 Mustang GT 42k Motor mods, 4:10"s, New T-45 trans, Plus More! Excellent Shape$8000


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Dec 28, 2007
New York
wow, go figure

i knew this price was too good...i figured it didnt sell right away because of the color, thats the only thing that stopped me

looked like a good car, good description, videos, etc....and a very good price

guys like this seller are what stops me from buying a car thats more than a short ride away.....absolutley need to check it out and test drive it

what a d-bag seller

good luck getting the car fixed

buyer is pretty calm if you ask me....if it was me Id drive to NY and settle this in person

Yea you know alot!! Why dont you come up in settle it in person! LOOK FORWARD in that?


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Aug 30, 2003
Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, United States
Wow were to begin! I have better things to do with my time then waste a day to deliver a car (& my friend aswell)"but I did"! The car had NO check engine light on when I left & It didnt have one When I arrived at your house (& I didnt have to pull over to clear any check engine lights, "LOL")! The car ran great, I drove it straight to your house from my house with good gas MPG'S aswell for a 200mile trip, I thought? I never said the car is PERFECT in the ad or OVER the PHONE or in a TEXT! I was honest, I thought in the listing but hey its an 8yr old car with 42K (if you want a new car with no problems for $8k) Then go spend 30k and if your lucky you can drive that for a couple of weeks before taking to the dealer for warranty work! If you were not in such a HURRY to go to the DMV, maybe you should a took more then the 10mins to look at the car more & ATLEAST DRIVE IT! But no all you were worried about was to get the car on the road & go the drag strip & race TODAY!! If there's one thing in life I cant stand is a lier! Please tell me how one back wheel with a little curb rash has anything to do with the front wheels being bad? There's no CURB rash on the front wheels! Another piece of advice if there's a problem with something or have questions CALL the person & speak to them direct NOT TEXT or EMAIL! I'm 38yrs old TEXTING is for kids & another thing if you were a little more PATIENT & give someone a chance to respond to EMAILS or AGAIN a Text (instead of 5hrs & then leave them neg feedback) before giving up! Mind you I just drove 8 f****** hours & have a family life TOO! I might have try to work something out with you but "NOW" Scew it, GOOD LUCK!!

slow down high speed, I can care less about rims trust me , no biggie at all, the car has money into it , theres no ifs and or buts about it ,
I paid you for your travels right??
just all of the suddden theres tons of codes , I didnt run my scanner on it cause hey i thought it was a good deal no one is crying about ohhhh god i have to spend money on the car , guess what every car has something doesnt matter, I and i have called you and spoke directly to you , havent I ,
just saying what i got , guess what the car will be fixed

take care

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