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1995 Cobra R For Sale

Discussion in 'SVT Cobra R' started by Mustanganatic, Aug 16, 2019.

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    Oct 27, 2003
    Blasdell, New York
    I purchased the R with 343 miles on it in 1997, the original owner had it for a couple days and brought it back to the dealer. I've done a few reversible mods on it to make it track friendly such as Baer front brakes, cooling ducts, custom made roll bar, etc. All the mods are outlined in the attached sell sheet. Original parts included. It's got 55XX miles on it. Appearance wise, it is show quality, interior and exterior. It runs great and has no issues. Oh, except for engine light comes on. I picked up an OBD I scanner and the code I believe is caused by the long tube headers/off road X-pipe. The sell sheet has a few pictures and I also have 13 more pictures from August 2nd. Asking $28,900. Glados Cobra R SVTP.jpg Glados Cobra R 5.jpg Glados Cobra R 11.jpg

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