2020 Explorer ST Gets Modded – Borla Exhaust and 5 Star Tuning

2020 Explorer ST Gets Modded – Borla Exhaust and 5 Star Tuning


A few weeks back we were passing through Florence, SC on our way to I-95 and decided to drop in and see what was going on at 5 Star Tuning. They happened to have a new project that we’re really looking forward to getting more coverage on in the future, a white 2020 Ford Explorer ST. They had already been hard at work developing some 93 octane and EtOH tuning (currently making over 411 AWHP and 525+ AWTQ with just a tune and E-50), but what really caught our eye was the freshly installed Borla Cat-back Exhaust.


Not only does the Borla exhaust add some much needed tone to the Explorer ST, it score major styling points as well.

Boral was one of the first companies to release an exhaust system for the latest generation of Explorer SUVs, and with good reason. Borla has long been the Tier 1 supplier of aftermarket exhausts for Ford Performance Racing Parts (Ford Racing). Many of the coveted FRPP Catbacks for SVTs were made by none other than Borla. Needless to say, they are familiar with performance Fords.


The Borla S-Type system adds just enough aggression to the ST without being over-the-top.

The particular system we were taking a look at was the Borla S-Type. It is constructed of T-304 stainless steel, and the fit is excellent. It features high quality band clamps and some of the finest looking welds you’ll find on a production system. The pipes are mandrel bent and 2.25” in diameter. The system is finished off with Quad 4" Dual Round Rolled Angle-Cut Tips in your choice of Chrome, Black Chrome, or Carbon Fiber. 5 Star’s ST was sporting the Black Chrome Tips.


Here's a look up the exhaust tips. Looks like a chambered design.

As we mentioned; this particular system is the S-Type model, but if you like things louder you can opt for Borla’s ATAK® series mufflers. However, for a multi-purpose vehicle such as the Explorer ST I believe the S-Type is the perfect choice. It adds just enough exhaust noise to let you know you’re driving a vehicle capable of serious levels of performance, but not enough to ever be obtrusive. The tone is subtly aggressive, think Bill Goldberg in a tuxedo. But don’t take my word for it, check out this video we put together that features an underbody tour and a test drive:


The 2020 Explorer undercarriage is designed in a way that makes swapping out the exhaust pretty simple.


The Borla kit is a very nice quality piece. Check out the fitment and mandrel bends.


Want to pick up over 100 lb-ft of torque? Get yourself a 5 Star 93-Octane Tune. These number do not reflect the addition of the Borla Exhaust.


If you really want to see something fun, feed that 3.0L EcoBoost a little corn juice.


The 2020 Explorer is a major upgrade over the previous FWD based model. Ford is definitely headed in the right direction with their new SUVs.


Here should be the only excuse you need to ditch the factory exhaust. These stock tips are just plain stupid looking.
Always nice to hear about performance mods developed for the ST products. Are they doing anything like this for the Edge ST?
I figured that, but in reality there was never an abundance of aftermarket for the Edge Sport. Seems to me that the Explorer ST is getting the bulk of the aftermarket attention.
LOL. True. At least good people like Livernois offer quality tunes for the Edge ST. I'm starting to (again) miss my '16 Edge Sport. It was the best DD that I ever owned. I'm interested in at least checking out the '21 Edge ST. The Explorer is just too big, if I wanted an SUV.
What color did you get?

Atlas Blue. Premium Pack and Dual Moonroof, but no Street Pack. Call me crazy, but I like the base wheels better. Our 2018 Benz GLE was nice, but the new one is just too expensive. Love the features and power and space for the money.

I will be getting this Borla S-Type exhaust shortly. The black tips will look awesome.

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