FOR SALE: 900+ RWHP 1995 Cobra Turbo 347 - 46,000 miles


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Mar 16, 2021
For Sale $25,000 1FALP42D2SF189174
1995 Cobra 46,600 miles
347 Dart SHP Block
TrickFlow 205 11 R cylinder heads
Holley Systemax Ported and welded intake by Fox Lake
Turbo Cam specified by Freezy74
CG Fabrication Turbo kit 7675 PTE DBB
T56 Transmission
Team Z K-Member
Behind Bars Race Cars Fuel Tank and MagnaFuel Pump.
2003 Cobra Anniversary Edition Seats
1996-98 Cobra Hood
Export Taillights and Mirrors
BBS RK Plasma Coated Wheels
723/698 on pump 93
945/951 on C16
I can provide receipts for the following
Fuel System $3000
T56 swap from D&D $4000
CG Fabrications Turbo Kit & Precision Trubo $6,000
Ford Strokers Dart 347 $10,000
Mike Post at Dynotunemp Dyno & Install
A/C Blows cold you could daily drive it if you want to. I do during the summer.

I've owned this car since 2006. It had only Eibach Sportline Springs when I purchased it. Everything has been professionally installed.

Link to Complete Google Photo Album

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