Air Filter Size on Whipple


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Sep 8, 2020
Might be overthinking this...

I needed an air filter for my car, so I bought a K&N that would fit on my JLT intake

It's a tapered round filter, 5 inches at the base, 7 inches long. It's maybe 4" at the top. RF-1015

I'm wondering if I should have gone bigger, the filter that came with the JLT is a little bit bigger. K&N has the RD-1460 which is a non-tapered round filter, 6 inches around and 9 inches long. Quite a bit more surface area.

Is this a waste of $60? Should be making about 600whp. So I don't have the requirements of car making 900.

If remove the filter and make a pull, and make another lb of boost, the filter was a restriction, right? Or is having any filter on the end going to lower the boost a little?

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