F/S 2013 Deep Impact Blue Shelby GT-500 w/ only 10,160 miles


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Oct 24, 2012
West Coast

I've decided to sell my Deep Impact Blue 2013 GT-500. I've owned it for since 2016, had my time to admire it, enjoy it, and experience the Shelby community, but it's time to move on.

Below are the details of the car:

-2013 Deep Impact Blue GT-500 with white stripes
-10,160 miles
-All options except the glass roof and Recaros.
-Electric/comfortable seats are a must for me as I have lower back issues (military)
-CobraJet Throttlebody
-Tuned to 93 and 91 by Chris Johnson founder of SCT Performance and JMS Chip & Performance in Florida
-Smaller pulley
-Redline hoodstruts
-Shorty Antenna
-Toyo R888s in the rear and Eagle F1s in the front
-Only ever used Amsoil Full Synthetic for the oil changes. 200 miles since the last oil change
-Brand new Battery, changed out early April
-2 Original Keys
-Original Sticker
-SVT Certificate

History of the car:

First and foremost, CLEAN TITLE. NO ACCIDENTS, EVER. I purchased this car from the original owner who resides in Florida (not involved in any flood damage, no worries) back in 2016 with about 6,700 miles. Shipped in an enclosed trailer to my current location, in San Diego, Ca. Have done all the maintenance myself, since ownership, for a total of 4 oil changes. Changed the oil when I got it, every 1,500 miles, and another one just recently for a total of 4 oil changes. Truthfully, I usually like working on my cars but since I have left this relatively untouched, I may have gone overboard with the number of oil changes just to feel like I work on my car.

The car has 2 minor blemishes. The rear-deck lid has a hairline scratch, and the bumper has a scratch from my Doberman's chain collar. He was sniffing around the garage and his clumsy 90lb ass leaned into the bumper. Pictures attached.

Mid 2017, I received orders to live overseas in Okinawa, and I paid to have the car stored in a climate controlled room, next to other high-end cars for 2 years, until I came back stateside in June 2019. They started the car and moved it around every 2 weeks to maintain it (all a part of the contract). Changed the oil immediately when I got it back last year with 10,0xx miles. Because the car remains on the 93oct tune, I always purchase 100oct and mix it with 91oct to average it to 95oct to be safe. Math is not a strong point for devil dogs.

Since last June, I have only had time to put roughly 150 miles on the car. I have been sent to exercises, training operations, and schools left and right and I just have not had time to enjoy it. Also, I have been extremely involved in activities that test my mental grit, which took whatever time I had left. With COVID-19 restrictions impacting everything, I have taken major interest in building a home gym, and the Shelby at this point is just limiting my ability to expand. As sad as that may sound, I love this car, but my priorities have changed. The car runs like a dream, and has been well-taken care of. If I had a 3-car garage, and less time-consuming commitments, I would keep her. The lack of both has made this the best decision for my household.

Selling for $43,750 obo. Not trying to make a killing just want a clean/fair sale. Don't hesitate to reach out for any questions, I'd be happy to give any potential buyers peace of mind on this beautiful machine.
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