How To: Valve cover breathers for under $30

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Jun 1, 2006
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UPDATE: I have put about 3000 miles on the car and the breathers are still completely dry, no oil residue on either side. They work fantastic, and they breath VERY well. Not very restrictive at all.

I have been wanted to get rid of the ugly hoses that run from the valve covers to the intake ever since I got my 2013 GT, but did not really want to spend $60 for 2 tiny breathers. So I did a little shopping and found everything I needed for under $30. I got the parts at advanced auto parts(I would think auto zone, checker, Napa would have these parts as well).

You need:
2 breathers(the store had them in 4 colors, black, white, red, blue). These were on the import "ricer special" shelf. They had other breathers but were the old school canister style and they wont work. use the part # on the package.
2 vacume line caps. These were not on the vacume cap shelf, they were a few isles down so you may have to hunt for these.

here are the parts:
buy 2 of these

and one of these assorted size combo pack. I could not find the right size caps by themselves(go figure).

Once you have these parts you will need to drill out the hole on the rubber grommet of the breather. The hole is only 1/4 in size to start with. i used a 1/2 drill bit. After you drill out the breather grommet its ready for install.

Note:MAKE SURE YOU GET THE BREATHER CLEANED OUT VERY WELL BEFORE YOU INSTALL IT. There will be a ton of little rubber flakes inside of it so take extra time to get it blown out.

Repeat for the second breather then install and walla. Breather kit for less than 50% of the cost of the kits online. My total investment was $27.93 and about 20 extra minutes to run to the store and pick up the parts.

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