Kenne Bell on a 97 Cobra


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Jan 30, 2022
My inputs since recently installed KB to 97 cobra :)
  1. I’m guessing that with the BAP I don’t need a bigger fuel pump? If you run stock 6psi, you don't need it. Anything beyond 6psi -> get a new pump
  2. Stock, the 97 Cobra has 24lb injectors, should I install bigger? Again, more than 6psi, yes
  3. Is the stock MAF ok? Stock MAF should be ok for 450hp according various websites.
  4. What rear gears is everyone running? 3.73
  5. KB website says it comes with a chip, will the car need a tune afterwards? Currently running with KB chip and car works great, atleast in dyno :D However like stated, custom tune is better which also i'm getting ..upcoming months
Could you tell me what you did with the egr. I have a used kb 2.1 I want to put in my car. 1997 cobra.

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