Lightly Used Twin 65 FRPP Throttle Body $500


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May 10, 2006
I have a twin 65mm throttle body that I purchased from American Muscle last year for my CobraJet build on my 2011 Mustang GT. I put maybe 150 miles and 5 hours of dyno tuning time on it before I found a working used monoblade that I swapped in its place. The car ran great and the drivability is amazing with the twin, however, I just wanted to try the monoblade and have been enjoying it just fine since. It's been sitting in my garage ever since I made the switch, just in case the monoblade were to give me issues. Well, I'm comfortable enough with my monoblade to sell the twin 65.

I'm asking $500. I do accept paypal and if I have to ship, I would prefer paypal to protect all parties involved.
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