New Suncoast items now available at Beefcak Racing!!!


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May 16, 2001
Cincinnati, OH
Have a couple new awesome 10r80/6r80 Products available at Beefcake Racing from our friends at Suncoast.

First is the SFI Billet 10r80 flexplate, this should help with alot of the issues we've seen with the bushings on OE and aftermarket non Billet Converters. We do believe the factory flexplate is what eventually causes these bushing failures

Suncoast 10R80 Flexplate SC-10R80-BFP

The 2nd Is their new launch control for the 6r and 10r This is not a transbrake, This allows you to preload the suspension and launch at a consistent rpm, even when footbreaking, and has a very fast release. Great for bracet racers, or for those that know the sweet spot to launch their car and not have to try to stare at the tach every launch!

Suncoast 10R80/6R80 Transmission Launch Controller LCB-FB01

@suncoastperformance takes your 10R80 Transmission to the next level with their NEW Launch Controller and 1 pc Billet Flexplate.

Both items are great additions to the 10R80 and solves a few weak points. The flexplate is capable of 1,700hp at 11,000 rpm. The built in relief eliminates deflection of the pulse ring, which is a known issue in higher RPM applications, especially when boosted. The launch controller not only looks good after install, it serves a purpose at the track. Launch controller first addresses the issue with the factory trans-brake and loss of traction with higher horsepower vehicles with larger stall converters, by allowing the pre-loading of the driveline. By preloading the driveline, you reduce the potential of catastrophic failure from whacking the driveline coming off the factory transmission brake. This will lead to faster 60-foot times with your 10-speed platform.

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