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Aug 3, 2021 at 9:44 AM
May 16, 2001
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October 8
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Authorized Vendor, from Cincinnati, OH

Authorized Vendor
beefcake was last seen:
Aug 3, 2021 at 9:44 AM
    1. Mok4200
      When is the next Mcleod clutch sale
    2. B. Stout
      B. Stout
      Hi, I am looking at your website but don't see any packages for fronts and rears of the S71B for my 2014 gt500. Looking for the 17x10 rears and 18x5 fronts. Please PM if you have any options for packages.
    3. MaxxdSVT
      Hi, need some fitment help for 18x9 and 18x11 weld s71. If u can help me out pm please
    4. mastercorndog
      Can you send me a pm with pricing on vortech parts i got a screaming deal on a v1 head unit for my 97 cobra but that’s all I have so I need to piece everything else together to make a full kit I need the bracket and hardware a 3.33 pulley oil feed and drain stuff looking to do a Anderson power pipe.
      1. mastercorndog
        I am going to run meth injection so I’ll just need the discharge pipe and also a coolant crossover if there’s anything I’m missing throw that in As well.
        Dec 28, 2017
      2. mastercorndog
        Jan 4, 2018
    5. IFlyEm81
      Hello, I am looking for a price on Kooks Axle Back exhaust for a 2011 Mustang GT. Looking to replace my ATAK Axle Backs. Everything else is stock. Thanks!
    6. stang713
      can you send me a pm on forum price for American racing, stainless works, and stainless power headers for 2014 mustang gt? 1-7/8, catted, x or h pipe where available factory connect as I have gt500 axlebacks thanks
    7. bohica281
      Do you do any forum discount codes for web orders?
      can you give me a price on a set of stainless works long tube headers and X pipe.thanks
    9. beefcake
    10. (5.0)
      Do you guys ship internationally?
    11. kona kennedy
      kona kennedy
      Hi. I am looking to purchase a hellion twin kit with upgraded 6466 turbos for 2012 mustang 5.0 a6. Also looking at id1700 injectors. Im just shopping for best prices i am ready to buy once i shop around on pricing. I heard you had great pricing. I will also need a fuel system and a bunch of other parts over the winter building this car. Wanting to make over 1000 hp at tire. You can email me at [email protected] thanks.
    12. GHIG4C
      Hey buddy, names Dave, what would a pair of 15x10" rears for 14 mustang with 275/50's to get me started?
    13. Adonis Tijerina
      Adonis Tijerina
      Any deals on superchargers or turbo kits for a 2013 mustang 5.0 manual
    14. Lethal302
      Still running that sale on the n-gauge for the 2013 gt500 or did I miss that?
    15. Baconator5oh
    16. Baconator5oh
      Hey there, just bought a 2015 5.0 looking to add power now im juggling between two of your kits was hoping to get some feedback on them... There both beefcake specials the first is the hellion tt with the 55 turbos does this kit include the headers? Like the kit offered from hellion directly? And the second is the vortech 800 hp complete kit. So now here is what im looking for i want around 700 to the wheels or more i have a stock motor i dont wanna do anymore major to it right now, my current mods are a air raid CAI eibach pro suspension straight pipes with a custom xpipe, and if the kits dont include headers ill be going with stainless long tube headers. What is your recommendation for what would put the most power out and be a reliabe daily driver im also using an auto transmission.
    17. mikeh9386
      I have a quick question for you. I'm looking to order a vortech kit and I see you have the beefcake special at 5699.00. Is this a complete package as the full kit from vortech. Does your beefcake special kit come with all things necessary to get up and running. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    18. weemon2k2
      Hi. Question,
      Do you take any money off of the centri kit in your sig? I Believe I've heard that you take off $150 for social media/forum discount, and another $150 off if the PayPal money is gifted. What would be the cost of the Paxton tuner + ID1000 kit shipped?
      How much extra would it cost for a Lund tune thrown in with it? Thank you.
    19. BLACKSNAKE96
      Hello. Just had some questions for you if you have time. I looking to buy a 13-14 5.0 real soon here and been liking for months. Liking for something mostly stock bolt on are okay. I'm planning on getting the beefcake special Paxton set up with torque boaster. Want to stay at 600whp and into 500tq which I see is possible. But what car do I buy? A car with 331 355 or 373 rear gears? The 373 cars are mostly the options I want in the car. Which is best with the setup? Thanks hopefully ordering something for you soon when I find a car that fits me.
    20. Coyote91S
      Hi my name is Mickey, I own a 2014 5.0 and was looking in boosting. I'm highly intreated in the paxton package you offer with the fuel system. I live over here in east Coast in New Jersey. I was wondering how I would go about pursuing the package from you and how long would it take to ship?
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    PAXTON / VORTECH TUNER KIT and ID1050X Package $5542.99 SHIPPED!!!!!!!!!
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