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Replacing Fuel Filter

Discussion in 'How-To' started by Race Red Boss, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Race Red Boss

    Race Red Boss Active Member Established Member

    Apr 23, 2014
    Did this job on my 98 Cobra today. Pretty easy maintenance job and worth it to keep your fuel running cleanly to your injectors and motor.

    Things you'll need:

    1. Longer length Flat/slot head screw driver
    2. Fuel Disconnect tool (3/8")
    3. 8 mm socket with 9" extension (to remove clamp)
    4. Jack/Jack stands or ramps
    4. Rags to catch fuel
    5. Safety glasses
    6. New Motorcraft Filter (FG-1114)

    Start by jacking the rear end of your car up; I backed mine up on some ramps using some 2X10 lengths of wood to clear my Magnaflow exhaust tips (my car is lowered).

    Once the car is up, get something to catch the extra fuel that will leak out when you disconnect the fuel input/output lines. Have your rag ready when you disconnect each end.

    Loosen the clamp that holds the filter to the filter holder. You will need to either use the flat head screw driver and/or the ratchet. You will want to loosen it quite a bit in order to get it over the end of filter/filter holder. Mine was a bit corroded so I gave it a shot of penetrating oil/rust control first.

    Next you'll remove the safety retainer clips that are on each end of the filter/lines using your flat head screw driver to pry them up along with your hand. Make note of both the clip orientation and fuel filter as well. Take a pic. if you have a short memory :)

    Take your fuel disconnect tool and apply it to the input side of the filter and push it into the fuel line side connector while pulling on the input line. You may need to push the line inwards toward the filter first, while pushing the disconnector tool into the connector, and then pull the line out. Once off, be ready for some fuel to come out. Go back and slide the previously loosened filter clamp over the end of the filter/filter holder so you can pry the filter out of its holder.

    To get the filter out of it's holder you'll need to push it a bit towards the left (if you are on your back facing the filter), while lifting it upward; there is a little lip you have to get over on the lower right hand side of the filter holder to get it to go...

    Once the filter is loose, you can use the disconnect tool to remove the other connector /line with the same process used on the input side. Be ready again for some more fuel to come out from the line and filter.

    Get your new filter out, orient it properly and move it into place, make sure you put the clamp back over the inlet side of the filter first (makes it easier vs. securing it into the filter holder first and then connecting the fuel line) so you can put it back over the filter. Now connect the fuel line to the inlet pipe. You should hear a click when the connection is made. Slide the filter into the holder and fasten the clamp, making sure its oriented for each access next time you have to do the job. :). Connect the output side similarly, listening for the click again.

    Finally, put the retaining clips back into place, making sure they are properly oriented.

    Clean up and you're done!

    I turned my ignition key to the on position a couple of times to cycle the fuel pump and re-pressurize the system and then turned the car over. Started without any problem.

    After you start the car, check to make sure there are not leaks.
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  2. me32

    me32 BEASTLY SHELBY GT500 TVS Moderator

    Sep 6, 2005
    Good write up.
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