Should i wait for 2018 Long Block and what about Paxton blower upgrade !


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May 8, 2015
I just got a good offer from my friend for my stock 2012 GT long block and i sold it last week, and i kept the paxton supercharger for the next build, then i started to look for the best choice to have a new one capable of handling at least 1000 RWHP.

i saw many companies with many options on the internet which most of them have great options including 2015 heads with the latest revision of the block (i guess the 2014 one) but i'm really confused if i should wait for the 2018 engine as it might have some updates, or should i go with whatever available in the market right now keeping in mind that i don't have a problem with down time.

And regarding the Novi 2200, i saw an old article says that JPC managed to spit 1038 WHP out of their coyote and the impeller needed an upgrade and never heard if they managed to upgrade it...any news about this ?

i need your advise guys on selecting the best choice as i'm stuck in the middle east and don't have a reliable local builder here.

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