The Next Gen 6RStager is here and ready to go! In Stock @ Beefcake Racing!


Authorized Vendor
Authorized Vendor
May 16, 2001
Cincinnati, OH
The Next Gen 6RStager is a staging solution for the 6R80 Transmission. This device will enable the Transbrake on the 6R80 and will allow the vehicle to creep forward and stage just like the True Motorsports Smooth Stage. The 6RStager eliminates the 2 relay configuration that most people use to enable the 6R80 Transbrake, incorporates additional safety mechanisms to prevent accidental Transbrake engagements and embeds the proprietary Smooth Stage algorithm for a silky smooth stage.

  • The Next Gen 6RStager integrates the “optional” LPC relay inside of the enclosure. The LPC relay is typically not needed on built 6R80 Transmissions, but can help the Line Pressure with Stock Transmissions for increased Transbrake hold capability.
  • Separate harness that plugs directly into the 6RStager and allows for easier installations.
  • Within the latest Firmware code, the 6RStager has a new proprietary feature known as adaptive bump. The feature builds upon the already proven Smooth Stage pulsing algorithm, by providing options for additional Smoothness (more info to come later on this)
  • Last, but certainly not least, the Next Gen 6RStager has improved the Transbrake button monitoring for faster Transbrake release which equals quicker reaction times.


Feel free to DM me or call with any questions!
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