WTB 2001 Cobra


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Feb 18, 2013
Hey all,

I'm pretty new to the SVTP forums and I'm pretty new to the car world but I've been looking at multiple cars (Mitsubishi Evos, Honda S2000s, Camaros, Trans Ams, Mustangs, M3s, etc.). You get the picture. Something fun to replace my 2009 ZX6R. Although I know I'll probably find nothing that will beat a ZX6R, I just want something fun. I really can't tear away from the idea of a Cobra, so heres my question...

Does anyone have an '01 for sale? Below 75k miles? Any color. As little cosmetic defects as possible. Clean title. Needs NO work done to it. All features still working. NO verts, please. I can work on price and miles a bit.

I'm probably missing something but if I think of anything, I'll edit this. Oh, and forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong area.


**EDIT** I live in Kansas just FYI, also totally down with a Terminator. Same criteria.

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