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    Could Ford Fumble GT500 Launch Any Worse?

    The Demon isnt the GT500s target. They are releasing the New Cobra Jet to embarress the Demon. The new CJ is suppose to run 8's. Thats about 2 full seconds ahead of the Demon. And the new Telsa Roadster will also outrun the Demon on Batteries running the QTR in 8.8 on street tires and get 620...
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    GT500 Will Kill GT350 Prices, No?

    Its a very very safe bet the dealers will mark up the new GT500 to 20k to almost 50k over MFRP. Historically they do it for every new model. Closer to the release date you buy it the more you will pay. End of this year will be the sweet spot to buy a used GT350. I am. I can wait for a...
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    2003 Cobra 1 of 1?? Thoughts.

    Ford : Mustang Cobra in Ford | eBay Motors Beat up cobra for 29K!! 1 of 1 because its exhaust sound was used for a movie recording. :poke:
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    2007 GT500 KR Looks for 1/2 Price

    Going to have to let my baby go for a new house. I just started this project. I started with looks and suspension first. I just added a custom dyno tune and a C & L Intake this week. Wheels and Tires are only a couple weeks old as well. Pretty much everything on this car is less than 6...
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    Search for the Perfect Seats

    Been doing a bunch of searching to find some replacement seats for my GT500 that won't cost me 4,000 dollars. I'm trying to find a set with a factory look without the factory weight. Found a couple good ones, but I am awaiting a reply from the company that makes them. I am trying to get the...
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    Ram Air Hood MaF Turbulence Fix?

    I have the TrueFiber Venom Hood which has Ram Air like the Supersnake hood which is known to cause alot of Turbulence with the MaF meter. I know that with the Supersnake Hood they just added a screen between the intake and the MaF to fix the problem. I'm also using the C & L intake. I tried...
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    Widest Tire that will fit on 20 X 10 rim

    Whats the widest tire that can fit on a 20 X 10 rim?:read: 305 315 325 335
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    Lets talk Header Choice

    There are quite a few LT Header choices for the GT500. But which size is better for what applications? Which brand did you go with and any problems? Sound quality? A. 1 3/4 or 1 7/8? B. All of them are Stainless steel, but only ONE brand comes with a Ceramic Coating. Is this...
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    The elusive Shelby Super Snake Wheel Weights

    ***TOP SECRET*** Alcoa Wheel Weights.:beer: 20X10 Alcoa Wheel (32 LBS) 20 X 9 Alcoa Wheel (30 LBS) Not the lightest wheels in the world. I'm only using mine for daily driving. I plan on purchasing some Bogarts for the 1/4 mile.:rockon:
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    GT500 OeM wheels+tires+tpms **CHEAP**

    I will be putting these on EBAY next week, but I thought I'd put them in here before I do. I will be taking off my wheels this week. The tires have plenty of tread left. Well over 50% tread. I have never done a burnout in my car nor been hard on them. Wheels have no scratches or scuffs...
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    T56 Transmission Upgrade

    Heres the new T56 Upgrade available. T56 Magnum---->$2795.00 The T-56 Magnum is the next generation aftermarket T-56 6 Speed transmission and is based on the TR-6060 transmission, original equipment in the Mustang GT500, Corvette, Camaro, Viper & Challenger. Features: - 700lb-ft...
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    Another unique Ebay find.

    What is on this car? Did the owner go crazy with spray paint?:shrug: Ford : Mustang:eBay Motors (item 220448957352 end time Jul-14-09 13:31:51 PDT) THEN we have the 90,000 dollar GT500 with the Anniv. Package...
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    427 package GT500 on ebay.

    Found this one on EBAY. Not a SS with the package, but a GT500. A full overkill on the 427 sticker package. Yes its rare... but you really gotta love Shelby to want it. Ford : Mustang:eBay Motors (item 120445911065 end time Jul-15-09 15:44:22 PDT)
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    More Shelby carnage...

    Yet another GT500? Pretty sure this on is only Cervani's package, but funny either way. Shelby GT-500 Crash Video by Brad - MySpace...
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    Yet another reason why you mod your SUSPENSION + TIRES FIRST!!!!:poke: 2007 Shelby GT500 Crash [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@429828