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  • Hey Bill, tried to send you a PM but your inbox is full.

    I've seen you post about it before. Do you happen to have a link or something to the repair manual for the 03 Cobra?

    I'm trying to fix an electrical issue, so I need to know where wires are run.

    What's your current mileage? I'm just under 188,000. I hardly drive it nowadays, about 10k a year.
    Hey I just wanted to ask you a couple questions on your high mile terminator. What oil do you use? Any maintenance tips on keeping a terminator on the road as long as yours? Would you ever sell your car?
    They might be a 50/50 if they work..

    In sticky ..before you post..scroll down. .there are 2 links..

    They work on a pc..I had issues and a member passed on a file that got it to work for mine..

    Link has instructions on how to install to hard drive..than what changes needed..

    I found same link in this at bottom
    SVT Documents

    If you get any of these to download I need email to share the folder given
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