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  • Hey quick question with the roush tensioner. Does the stock cobra ribbed pulley work with it or do you have to use the roush smooth pulley. Thanks
    Hello, I recently stumbled upon your post about using a Roush belt tensioner on a Terminator. I got the new tensioner but I'm having a hard time locating 3.5mm thick washers. Where did you get yours? Is it ok to use either 3mm or 4mm thick washers instead?
    Hi there, I am thinking of getting the Infinity Basslink and was trying to find the write up on your page? Is it still there?
    Read a post from a couple of years back that you were looking for a abs ring for the 03 Cobra half shaft. I need one and was wondering where you can get them? Thanks
    I will take 2 SVT production certificate blanks if you still have some? Could you send me your pay pal and a total? Thank you
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