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    GT350 Interior Electronic Accessories

    Since I wont be near my car for awhile, I've been using this time to look into adding electronics to the car. Anything from Radar Detectors (illegal in most Europe), dash cams, OBD2 wireless devices, Apps for Carplay or cellphone. For those of you that have already started adding more tech to...
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    Tech spoiler swap

    Has anyone removed and swapped out their underwhelming tech package spoiler for a different spoiler? If so, any pictures of the swap? What spoilers can be installed using the existing trunk holes; without needing to drill new ones or fill old ones...
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    Frankfurt Auto Show

    I got a chance to go to the Frankfurt Autoshow today. Here are some pictures
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    When used R's go on Sale buyer beware!!!

    Obviously this hasn't happened yet, but I'm sure it will. I foresee when it's time for someone to sell their coveted R model GT350. They replace the ultra expensive carbon fiber parts like the rims and rear spoiler with cheap replacement parts. They will rightful advertise it as an R, but I'm...
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    GT350 Registration

    This is a place to post the information you would like to share on the GT350 that you have ordered or purchased. Year: 2016 TRIM: 900A Package: Tech Color: Magnetic Stripes: Black ETA: Feb (US Port)
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    "No drill" license plate for GT350

    Now that I ordered my GT350 I want to order a no drill license plate bracket for it. Too bad there isn't a factory tow hook receiver on the Shelby that a bracket could thread into. I had this setup on my Z and thought it was great. So far I found one that puts the plate on the bumper...
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    Extended Warranty for GT350

    I wanted to start a discussion on the benefits and disadvantages of getting the extended warranty for the GT350. I have always been one the decline the extended warranty on new cars, because coverage was never worth the expense. They would give you very low miles compared to extra months or...
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    GT350 track test video from Ford

    Found this video of the GT350 preproduction testing at VIR, thought I would share
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    GT350 Colors

    Now that weve seen a few pictures of the available color options coming for the GT350, I wanted to put them all in one place. Avalanche Gray Shadow Black Magnetic Race Red Oxford White I can only have 5 pictures per post so I'll add the rest below
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    GT350 Virtual tour

    Pretty cool link with a virtual tour of a Yellow GT350. Interior and exterior.
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    GT350R - The RING Time!!!!

    Check this article out. The GT350R is almost 5 SECONDS faster than the Z28. This is great. Now only if I could drive it like a pro. ;) EDITED BY MOD Bogus site/link removed Here's a legitimate response from the gentleman at Ford that is in a position to provide a 'Ring time... Tob
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    Mustang package guide leaked
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    2015 Saleen S302 first picture I really want to see more of the Saleen.
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    SVO spotted

    Here is an article of a possible spotting of an SVO Mule. If this is true then the question to all is which would to rather get a GT V8 or a SVO V6 TT?
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    Europe ordering booking open 24 May

    According to the below link the European Ordering Books open 24 May to sell the first 500 Euro Spec Mustangs. So, what does that mean for us in the Mustang's home territory? When will be able to order a 2015...