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    WTB: O/R Xpipe

    I've got a Pypes O/R H pipe that I just took off my 2011. It's in good condition minus one scrape. If you're interested in that instead of the x pipe let me know and I'll figure out what shipping would cost. Or if you wanted to skip the shipping hassle I could meet you somewhere like Greenville.
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    Nitrous accessories for sale

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    Nitrous accessories for sale

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    Nitrous accessories for sale

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    Nitrous accessories for sale

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    WTB ZEX Nitrous 82218

    I don't have the whole kit, but I've got plenty of accessories if you need those as well.
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    Nitrous accessories for sale

    Edit, images worked in preview mode, not sure why they're not showing up now. Working on fixing it. Okay, I can't figure out why the images won't show up in the post. Here's a link to the imgur album. I've got a few nitrous accessories that I need to sell. I was going...
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    AC Went out, compressor or just clutch?

    A few months ago my AC went out. I was driving and heard a strange noise, like an air leak. I went to pull into a parking lot to check it out and as soon as I pushed in the clutch it stopped. Looking under the hood I didn't see or smell anything. I got back in the car and it was blowing hot...
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    AC stopped working, clutch is burned up...

    Just had my AC go out as well, just cruising around and went to 3rd gear, heard a hissing like pressurized air leaking. Pulled over and didn't see or smell anything. Does this seem like a clutch problem too? I haven't noticed anyone mentioning a sound when their ac clutch went out. Also, is...
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    Stuck rich CELs. Tune or other issue?

    Installed ID1000s, changed tune and converted to e85. Had 2 codes pop up after driving a mile or so. P2196, P2198 o2 sensors stuck rich. Re checked everything under the hood to no avail, didn't notice any vacuum leaks. Cleared the code and drove for a while. After little driving two more codes...
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    ID1000 install problems

    I'm converting my N/A 2011 5.0 to run on e85. I was going to go with 47lb injectors until I found a crazy deal on ID1000s. I got the old injectors out easily enough, set the new ones, and started putting everything together. I ended up breaking one of the bolts that holds the fuel rail. :mj: I...
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    Installed O/R H pipe, car's way too loud now.

    Installed an O/R H pipe and combined with my muffler delete the car goes to 11. It's way too loud. I'm wondering what you guys with O/R pipes are using and how you like it. I was thinking about ordering GT500s since the general consensus is positive. I'd like to keep it as cheap as possible...
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    Clutch chatter when it's hot out?

    Okay guys, I apologize for the giant wall of text, but I have 2 questions in 1. I bought my 2011 5.0 used from a dealer this winter. I had to take it back to the dealer a few days after I got it because of the notorious mt82 whine and the clutch wouldn't disengage. So i would have to turn the...
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    mt82 still shifting rough after barton bracket

    Alright, I know this is a common problem, and I'm sure that there are plenty of threads about this, but the search function isn't exactly working. So I've heard wonders about the barton 2 post bracket. I decided to pick one up and install it in hopes of cutting down on the rough and notchy...
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    Looking to spray 2011 gt

    Like it says up top, I'm looking to add a nitrous kit to a 2011 GT m6 with slight mods (LCAs, Bama 93 tune, barton 2 post bracket) I want to build a car that can be daily driven but something that I can take to the track occasionally. The current setup that I am considering is: NX Plate kit...