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    Looking for Info on a 04 Mystichrome Cobra vert VIN 1FAFP49Y94F163342 that I recently purchased

    Tpduke112 reached out to me and said he gave all the paperwork to the person he sold it to. I messaged N2damystic to ask about some of the mods but haven't heard back yet. I'm still looking for anyone who has owned it since Tpduke112 for more info or paperwork. I'm happy with the car and slowly...
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    Looking for Info on a 04 Mystichrome Cobra vert VIN 1FAFP49Y94F163342 that I recently purchased

    Hi All, I'm looking for Info on a 04 Mystichrome Cobra Convertible VIN 1FAFP49Y94F163342 that I recently purchased. It has a ton of aftermarket parts on it so any information would be helpful. Also i didn't receive any of the original paperwork (window sticker, SVT Cert., etc.) and would be...
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    2004 Mystichrome Cobra Vert, 2.3L Whipple, 36K miles, GA

    I know its a long shot but I just bought this Mystichrome Cobra VIN 1FAFP49Y94F163342 and was hoping one of the previous owners still has the paperwork/ documentation for it. If so please message me and I would be happy to buy it. Thanks!
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    OEM Silver 03/04 Cobra Spoiler and Third Brake Light for Sale

    I'm selling an OEM Silver 03/04 Cobra Spoiler and Third Break light for $350.00. The Spoiler is in great shape and the third brake light works great but is broken in the usual spots on the left and right tabs. Brake light can easily be epoxied. I'm also including the Third brake light vinyl...
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    Dynojet wide band commander For Sale

    I have a Dynojet Wide band Commander for sale it will come with the box and everything a new one would come with. It comes with the Blue digital Gauge. Heres a link: Welcome to Wide Band Commander Im asking $250.00
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    MGW shifter, FRP sensor, and Wide Band Commander For Sale

    I have a few parts left over after the sale of my Cobra so I'm putting them up for sale. SOLD: MGW Orange Handle shifter in Great condition $240.00: DynoJet Wide Band Commander only used for 6 months comes with box and all accessories. SOLD: OEM Fuel Rail Pressure sensor Brand New in...
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    KB 2.2, Accufab TB, BAP, SCT, Billetflow, Metco, 60 lb inj, JLT, Wideband,Boost Gauge

    I made a post a few weeks back trying to sell everything as a package and there was alot of interest in me spliting things up so I did. I bought everything in AUG 2010 and have sales receipts to prove it. All of the parts unless otherwise noted have less than 7,000 miles on them. Prices are...
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    Polished KB 2.2 and All supporting mods $4,500 obo

    I'm Selling my car: So I’m selling the Kenne Bell 2.2 and all supporting mods. This is everything you need and more to install a Kenne bell 2.2. Parts will stay installed on car...
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    03 10th Anni. Vert KB 2.2 $24,500 obo

    2003 Ford Mustang Cobra Convertible 10TH Anniversary Edition
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    Intercooler pump issues (please help)

    My intercooler pump runs fine when jumped but doesn't work when I crank the car I changed the relay and still no luck. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    WTB 10 Spline Input Shaft

    Looking for a good deal on a 10 Spline Input Shaft shipped to 88101.
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    How To Section is taking me to a different link

    please help
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    WTB Kenne Bell 2.2

    As the title says I'm looking for a Kenne Bell 2.2. Would perfer a Gen 2 Polished but will also consider others.
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    Adjustable Clutch Pivot Install?/UPR Triple hook/firewall Adj install?

    Just installed a Spec Stage 1 Clutch and am having the following problems: *Clutch cable to loose and the clutch will not engage. *Clutch cable to tight and Clutch fork hits PP *Clutch cable has alot of slack but will engage on the floor, clutch cable vibrates, TOB sitting on PP. So I...