1. 9

    WANTED: 96-98 Cobra Intake Cams

    Anyone have a set of the 96-98 Cobra intake cams they're willing to part with? Part numbers are F6ZE-6A270 and F6ZE-6A271 to my knowledge. Replacing the stock Mark VIII ones. Been searching every site I can think of but they seem to have faded from existence. Thanks!
  2. S

    FOR SALE: TN: 1997 GT 5SPD Mustang Vert

    I've got a 1997 Mustang GT Vert. As you can see by the pictures, this car is in pretty great shape for its age. It has 126,XXX miles. Asking $5,000 firm. Located in Knoxville, TN. Will potentially do partial meet or delivery for a fee. I purchased it about 9 months ago from a mechanic out...
  3. T

    FOR SALE: 1997 SVT Cobra Project Car Oklaho$22,500 OBO

    Hello, I have a 1997 SVT Cobra that I am looking to sell; I’ve been the only owner and no wreck history. I am looking to get (REDUCED PRICE)- $20,000, OBO. It currently has 41,000 miles on it. I used to take it out to the drag strip and it ran 12s 1/4mi but, 1 or 2 cylinders lost their rings...
  4. popstar

    head gasket trouble?

    Hello everyone, Long time lurker, first time poster. This forum is an invaluable tool in my quest for maintenance and performance upgrades. Back into mustangs after a 10 year break. Previously had a 1997 4.6 2V. My new to me 1997 Cobra was "tracked by an old man” according to the broker I...
  5. Dhughes12

    stereo/trunk ideas- 97 convertible

    Hey guys, not sure if its the right spot- if not let me know and I'll move it, but im planning on pulling the audio setup i installed 8-9 years ago and wanted to see if anyone had any fresh ideas or could share their pics of what they did with their sub/amps design-wise. Here's the original...
  6. Luis Palacios

    Is 300 whp on 94' cobra possible? Give all your feedback!

    So far, I still can't find a 96'-98' in Cali :( However, I did come across this 94' cobra that is completely stock with low mileage (50,000 miles) so that's good! I've been doing a lot of research on how to punch out 300 whp but most of the info i come across is outdated (2010 and below). Not...
  7. Luis Palacios

    IN NEED OF 96'-98' COBRA

    I've been looking for one in Cali for the longest time now (about 7-8 months) and haven't found anything! So disappointing for me when I see super clean examples out of state. NO sign of them here for some reason. :( Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? let me know where I should try looking...
  8. HandsomeRob

    97 Crystal White Cobra (For Sale) (Over $30k Invested)2nd Owner

    Hey SVTP I have for sale my 97 Crystal White Cobra. It has 41k original miles, and was purchased 8yrs ago from the original owner. I am the second owner, with title in hand. I have invested over $30k into this car not including the actual vehicle. Almost all the parts are brand new, never...
  9. W

    Getting started with a T56 conversion on 97 Cobra...Request for Torque Specs Please

    I'm helping my dad install a T56 kit from DD Performance in his Vortec V-1 Blown 97 Cobra tomorrow. I think the following torque specs are correct: Flywheel to crank: 63 ft/lbs Pressure plate to Flywheel: 33 ft/lbs + 60* of extra rotation Transmission to bell housing: 55 ft/lbs...
  10. 9

    97 cobra project. your thoughts please

    Hey svt folks. The community on this site is fantastic. I am looking at a 97 cobra that has a rod knock. I can get it for $2900. It has a new cobra bumper that needs to be painted. There is a TR-3650 transmission with new clutch installed. There are roughly 38000 miles on car. What are your...
  11. RMR Cobra 3094

    WTB: IMRC Controller

    Just picked up my 1997 Rio Red Cobra and i found out one of the imrc cables has snapped, for the meantime im running the car with them stuck open. Can anyone that has done IMRC deletes or just someone with an extra controller possibly sell me theirs? PM me if you have one, or just text me at...
  12. 9

    1997 MUSTANG COBRA 58xxx MILES CLEAN!!!!!

    I got a 1997 Mustang Cobra with a 5 speed that has around 58xxx miles on it!!!!! She runs like new and also has a clean carfax. The interior is Flawless except for some wear n tear on the top of the steering wheel. The interior is 9/10!!! The body is gorgeous, no dents, few scratches! It has...
  13. J

    1997 Red Cobra w/ 58k original miles

    1997 Mustang Cobra with only 58,000 original miles. I am the third owner and the car has been absolutely babied by myself and the previous owners. The motor and transmission are both completely stock. The car has just a few modifications. It has been lowered with Eibach springs and sits on 18"...
  14. chillicobra

    WTB procharger for 96-98 cobra

    im really wanting a procharger or vortech possibly and i want everything unless its jus a couple lil things. so if you have one and want to sell it pm me and we can talk business lol thanks.
  15. 9

    Computer Help !

    I have a 97 Cobra with a check engine light on and with stupid ass new york state OBD II testing it won't page. The guy that had the car before me chopped the emissions system all up so I was wondering if it was possible to send my computer out and have the emissions flashed out of it so the...
  16. S

    1997 cobra in MA-100%orig

    I'm debating selling my recently purchased 1997 black on black mustang cobra. The car has 54,000 miles on it, and is 100% all original, 0-mods done to the car. Car is clean as can be inside and out, and runs mint. The previous owner had the car in texas for approx 4 years, and when in MA the...

    Feeler..Powder Coated Cobra Valve covers

    I have 2 sets of valve covers for 96-98 cobras, 1 is mine and the other will be for sale in the next week when they are finished. They are going to be powder coated a gloss blue.....I had a set with Ford blue engine paint and loved them, now its on to powder coat. The ford racing ones are a...

    Feeler... 96-98 Cobra powder coated valve covers

    I have 2 sets of valve covers for 96-98 cobras, 1 is mine and the other will be for sale in the next week when they are finished. They are going to be powder coated a gloss blue.....I had a set with Ford blue engine paint and loved them, now its on to powder coat. The ford racing ones are a...
  19. wildmantttt

    WTB 97 Wiring harness

    I was wondering if anyone had scraped out or will in the near future scrap out a 1997 cobra. I need the wiring harness. Mainly the wires that go to the rear O2 sensors. I had one of the plugs for the rear O2 sensor damaged and currently just spliced in the original. However I keep getting...
  20. 94silverstang

    Stock Cobra wheels. (1997 Cobra)

    I have 4 wheels and tires from a cobra that is getting basically parted. the wheels are 17x8 and have fuzion tires on them (245/45/17). 2 of the tires are about 40-50%, and the rears are gone pretty much, they are bald like Mr clean. rims are about normal condition wise. some better than...
  21. M

    WTB 97-98 Cobra

    Hi I'm looking into buying a 97-98 Svt Cobra. I'm looking for a black coupe with a black interior. I'm want the car to have low miles (under 60,000). My price range is around 12,000 or under. Thank You -Matt
  22. A

    Grinding Sound in 2nd Gear Only

    Alright, I just bought a 1997 Mustang Cobra. Still trying to get a grasp on what if anything is wrong with it. Seems in good condition, but one of the things I've noticed has to do with the clutch or transmission. It's got a Centerforce Dual friction clutch and a relatively new transmission...
  23. CobraVert97

    Speedster Tonneau Pics - opinions?

    Ok, let me know what you think. These have been wasting space in my basement for a few years, I (the ultimate procrastinator :-D) just decided to install them. They are NOT the expensive fiberglass saleen version. This is an inexpensive version I got off ebay a long time ago. Very quick install...