1. justa2v

    questions about 96 4v going in a 04 gt

    okay, so i'm doing a 4v swap in my 04 gt. here's my question, i'm really wanting to use kooks 1 3/4" stepped to 1 7/8" long tubes. but i really don't wanna spend $1200 just to find out they won't fit.. has anyone done this swap before or know anything about it? any help would be greatly...
  2. justa2v

    wtb alot of 4v parts

    i'm doing a 4v swap in my 04 gt, i'm rtying to piece together the rest of what i need to finish it up. i am running a mmr900 short block and ported 96 cobra bheads. parts i need: 96-98 cobra intake manifold (preferably short runner or sheetmetal if anyone has one) coolant crossover tube...
  3. S

    99-04 4V Mac Longtubes w/ prochamber

    Back up for Sale- $400 for Mac LT and ProChamber picked up or $450 ship in lower 48.
  4. MattP 343

    S197 Ceramic BBK Longtubes & Matching CATTED X

    Just like the title states they are BBK Longtubes and matching catted X pipe used on the car for Just over 4,500 miles...More info- 1 5/8" Ceramic Coated Longtubes from BBK 2 3/4" Matching CATTED X-Pipe from BBK o2 Extenders w/ Matching Bolts Parts to be shipped out of Austin TX, 78681...
  5. svt01snake

    SLP headers

    ok so I have a 2001 Cobra, with a SLP full exhaust. It sounds good, but I want to complete it with a set of SLP headers for a better sound and more importantly that extra horsepower. The problem is the only SLP longtube headers I can find for a DOHC motor they say are for the 03-04 S/C Cobras...
  6. R

    WTB: Shorty Headers

    I am looking for some used headers JBA's, Bassani etc.. let me know what you got thanks
  7. blacknite51

    FS: Stock headers

    Stock cast iron headers for sale. They came off my 2000 with 44k miles on it. It has the egr blocked off already as well. They are in good shape. I dont know what they are even worth or if there is any demand for them, so i guess i will start out with $50 plus shipping.
  8. Speeds8erM-1

    Pypes 304 Stainless Longtubes for 96-04 GT, BRAND NEW!