1. philsuncle

    FOR SALE: 2011 Shelby GT500 Must see, $42,500.00

    Reduced $42,500, OBO I have all the usual mods and then some not so common. I have tried to get the best parts available. The 2011 did not have the Racaro seats available as an option but I added them a considerable expense. The wiring was already built in by Ford so they where plug and play...
  2. M

    WANTED: Supercharger head unit

    Hey guys, I am looking for a supercharger head unit, I need a roush, vmp or whipple. I already have a GT500 one. It wont work for my application, as I have a lower Roush/VMP intake. Message me if you know anyone or if there is anyone that has one laying around they would sell. Trying to...
  3. T

    10% off VMP Performance ☠️

    VMP Performance is coming in clutch this week. From now until June 4th all VMP throttle bodies, cooling applications, pulleys and fuel parts are 10% off (no code needed). Need we say more?
  4. SVTParatrooper

    WTB: TVS 2.3 Supercharger or Equivalent

    I am in the market for a supercharger upgrade for my '08 GT500. Looking for a good used TVS 2.3 or equivalent (i.e. VMP, etc.). Also any supporting mods needed (i.e. injectors, BAP, etc.) PayPal ready. Thanks.
  5. M

    Looking for used paxton or vortech supercharger 11/14

    Im looking for a used setup must have all necessary hardware to install main components. looking to spend 3k-4k.
  6. 9

    FS: **Brand New** VMP 137 Monoblade Throttle Body

    I am selling a brand new VMP 137 monoblade throttle body. The TB has been never installed as I was acquiring parts in the late summer and early fall for my build. Those build plans have changed significantly, so now I am selling brand new parts. Works with 2015 - 2017 Mustang and F-150 (5.0L)...
  7. cheeser

    First drag strip run with VMP Gen 2R in Denver...only 12.8 time

    Was finally able to take the Mustang out to the local drag strip (Bandimere) after installing the Gen 2R Stage 1 kit last year. I was somewhat disappointed with a fastest time of 12.8. However, this seemed to roughly the around the same speed the stock 13-14 GT500’s were running. This is my...
  8. J

    VMP Gen2R Supercharger Complete Kit

    2015-2017 Mustang GT VMP Gen 2R Supercharger On 91 pump gas with GT500throttle body I made 690whp (to the ground) On E85 with the twin 67mm throttle body, I made 816whp (to the ground) Selling the entire kit as a whole with the GT 500 throttle body. However I upgraded to the the VMP twin 67mm...
  9. T

    FS: VMP 03-04 Cobra Wide Monoblade GT500 Throttle Body

  10. S

    Oxygen Senor &/or Oxygen Sensor Heater OBDII: "Not Ready" 2011-14 Mustang GT

    Okay so about a month ago I took my car in for smog and I am currently running an E85 Tune. Like a lot of people on these forums, long story short I didn't pass. both my Oxygen Senor & Oxygen Sensor Heater read Not Ready. So where does any car enthusiast go when they need car information? The...
  11. S

    failsafe engine mode 2008 gt500...please, help

    To start this conversation, here is my config: vmp gen2r+2.4 pulley, 10% od, id 1000, jlt 123 mm, jba shorty headers, stock throttle body, vmp tune. I have read several forum threads on the same issue but my case is different. My car has intermittently been going into failsafe engine...
  12. Kostas


    Im selling my VMP GEN 3 super charger, and the KB 168 throttle body adapter plate. It fits 07-14 Shelby GT500. It was on my car for less than 1k miles, and 500 of those were motor break in miles. Its practicaly new! Asking for $3100 including shipping!!!
  13. CaliGT500524

    VMP 67mm vs 69mm Throttle Body

    Hi all, I am a bit torn here and haven't found good information on this exact topic yet. I've got a 2010 GT500 with a Stiegemeier ported M122 with a 2.2" pulley, JLT 123 intake, BBK 65 MM throttle body, and VMP inlet elbow. I plan on adding the 13/14 56# injectors and VMP fuel pump boosters...
  14. W


    Purchased September 2019 - Impulse buy which I have now decided not to install. Never opened or tinkered with. Retails for $850.00 on VMP's website. I am asking for $800. You pay shipping.
  15. CaliGT500524

    VMP Fuel Pump Booster Tuning Question

    Hi all, Looking to pick up VMP's Fuel Pump Booster setup for my GT500. The car is already modded and dyno tuned and running 18psi on a ported and 2.2" pullied Eaton. My recent data logs are showing that the fuel pumps are basically maxed out and so I figured going this route would work out...
  16. WONSLOW302


    Looking for a blower upgrade for my 2007 gt500.. Intrested in gen 1 vmp, stock trinity 2.3 blower, Ford racing tvs, also open to reasonably priced gen 2 vmp head units. PayPal ready 361-947-7300 is my number as I hardly check this page. Thanks!
  17. cheeser

    VMP Stage 1 - install questions

    I'm getting ready to install my VMP Stage 1 kit and oil pump gears next weekend. The install instructions seem pretty clear...already printed out. As I wait for my final parts, I had a few initial questions: 1) I bought a timing cover that has already been modified. I want to install the...
  18. Carlos A Melgar

    kenne bell 3.6

    Anyone have a 3.6 kenne bell or a vmp gen 3 for sale???? $$$$
  19. Carlos A Melgar

    kenne bell 3.6

    Anyone have a 3.6 kenne bell for sale or possibly a vmp gen 3? $$$$
  20. 4

    WTB Whipple, TVS, VMP supercharger for Terminator

    Looking to buy a aftermarket supercharger for my Terminator. Preferably a Whipple but I am open to other superchargers if the price is right. Looking to buy in about a month.
  21. svtbryan

    New Modular Shop in the Central Valley!

    Hey guys how is it going. My name is Bryan and I would like to introduce you guys to FRP. We are located here in Manteca CA, and offer a full range of services for your Shelby/Coyote/4V needs. Whatever you guys may need I’m just a text away at 209-497-3008 or find my work on Instagram @frpauto .
  22. T

    VMP 100MM MAF Conversion Kit (3500 MAF, Housing, Extender, Filter)

    Hello, I have a VMP 100MM MAF Conversion Kit for the Terminator for sale. It is brand new, never used. Included in the kit is: (1) VMP 100mm Slot-Style MAF Housing (1) VMP 3500 Slot-Style MAF Sensor (1) VMP Plug & Play 96-04 to 05+ MAF Sensor Adapter Harness (1) S&B Air Filter As you can see...
  23. Grigz

    2011 GT500 EGR Delete

    Currently in the process of installing my VMP Gen 2R and the EGR tube is being an absolute pain. So I'm just about to order a EGR delete kit and be done with it. My only concern is getting the vacuum lines right for the SIP. I looked at a guide (I believe was posted on here but was for a...
  24. B

    WTB: Supercharger - open to all makes and models

    Looking for an upgraded supercharger from stock, open to all makes, models and sizes. I may also consider ported eaton’s, post up what you’re looking to sell! (PayPal ready/cash in hand) located in Long Island, NY.
  25. B

    WTB: Supercharger - open to all makes and models

    Looking for an upgraded supercharger from stock, open to any makes, models and sizes. I may also consider ported eaton’s, post up what you’re looking to sell! (PayPal ready/cash in hand) located in Long Island, NY.