• Ford Performance and RTR Vehicles team up to create the ultimate in style, performance and fun with the Series 1 Mustang RTR for Mustang GT and EcoBoost equipped with Performance Pack 1
  • Series 1 Mustang RTR package features their signature modern aggressive styling and a Ford Performance tunable suspension that can be tailored for driving action from spirited backroads to crushing track laps
  • Only 500 Series 1 Mustang RTR conversion kits with factory-backed limited warranties will be sold and installed at select Ford dealers, starting in early 2019
DEARBORN, Mich., Oct. 29, 2018 – World champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his RTR Vehicles team are working with Ford Performance to provide a definitive collaboration of style, performance and fun with the new Series 1 Mustang RTR Powered by Ford Performance – the latest addition to the Mustang family.

“Our goal was to take the driving and owner experience of the iconic Ford Mustang to the next level,” said Gittin, President and Chief Fun-Haver of RTR Vehicles. “This collaboration has created a Mustang that offers smile-inducing street driving, diverse capability on the track and a very distinctive owner experience for those looking to stand out from the crowd.”

The Series 1 Mustang RTR Powered by Ford Performance features RTR’s signature modern and aggressive styling. The Ford Performance suspension has adjustable sway bars that can change the chassis balance for either passive or MagneRide™ suspensions to suit twisty backroad driving, laying down lap times, drifting or blasting down a drag strip.

“Ford is bringing more Mustang magic to more customers than ever,” said Eric Cin, director, Vehicle Personalization and Accessories. “Vaughn is a great partner, bringing a new flare for Mustang to younger audiences through drifting and other exciting performance fueled fun – we can’t wait to see what he’ll do with this car.”

The Series 1 package, which will arrive in select Ford dealerships in early 2019, is designed to be installed at the dealer on any Mustang EcoBoost Performance Package 1 or Mustang GT Performance Package 1 model. It will come with a Ford factory limited warranty and Ford Credit financing for those who qualify.

Other unique content includes:

  • Staggered wheel and tire package – 19 x 9.5-inch front and 19 x 10-inch rear
  • Performance Pack 1 spoiler with RTR Gurney flap
  • RTR grill with lighting, body and aerodynamics packages, and graphics that signal the car’s performance motives
  • RTR fender badges, floor mats, shift knob and puddle lamps for even more custom touches
  • RTR Powered by Ford Performance deck lid trim panel badging and radiator cover badge
  • Serialized dash plaque, illuminated RTR Powered by Ford Performance sill plates and certificate of authenticity
Ford will sell only 500 of the serialized Series 1 Mustang RTR Powered by Ford Performance. Watch for more information at Ford Performance Parts or RTR Vehicles.

So it's strictly a dealer-installed package. It will be interesting to see what the revised power/torque numbers are assuming they do install a blower with the package.
RTR typically offer an blower package. My guess is they don't have it completely nailed down yet, so it's not included in the announcement.

I have never seen an RTR with a blower....Not that they ever really made many, but it seemed more of a wheel/suspension package to me with a ford performance tune. Mostly a way over priced package that you could put together yourself. However, I admit it is nice to add these options in with your payment if you can't afford them down the road.
Some bits and a few stickers for an extra $8 to $10K, no performance.... oh and they will be serialized. I think if I were buying one it would be on a supercharger and some sticky tires and aero to make it GO! oB
Just buy a Performance Pack 2 and add a blower. Better in every conceivable way for less money.

I like Vaughn Gitten Jr and he can drive his ass off but these RTR Mustangs are just meh. They need to add something unique to the line to make it a serialized car. You can do this bolt on crap yourself for less money.
Wheels look good

Love how I asked them in 2015 about the lights and was told 'they are only for Gittin's car, will never be sold to the public, sorry'

Oh...ok then.

**** me for being ahead of the curve.

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