S&B Super Duty Cab Mounts | Never Install OEM Junk Again

S&B Super Duty Cab Mounts | Never Install OEM Junk Again


For over two decades the Ford Super Duty line of trucks have continued to raise the bar for heavy-duty work truck performance and comfort. And while there have been a few stumbling points along the way (6.0 cooling system and 6.4 flame thrower come to mind) the Duty has marched steadily towards higher levels of performance and quality throughout the years. Unfortunately, the issue that leads us to this review is one of those engineering quality missteps I mentioned. Thankfully, the guys at S&B have created the ultimate solution to this particular problem.


Here's what you can expect from S&B, excellent quality.

For the 2005 model year, Ford switch from using traditional rubber cab mounts to a new style made from urethane foam. The impetus from this change was the reduction of NVH, and while there may have been some nearly imperceptible benefits there were some seriously deleterious side-effects. The issue is these factory urethane foam bushings essentially disintegrate over time. I have heard that atmospheric ozone contributes to the deterioration, but no matter what they will fail over time. That was the situation I recently found myself in.


This is an example of the pitiful state the factory mounts were in after 65,000 miles.
I had to complete a repair on my 2009 Ford F-350 Super Duty that required is to raise the cab a couple inches for better access to a couple of bolts. I knew my stock cab mounts were shot (random creaking of the cab when crossing bumps was very noticeable) and were going to have to be replaced. I knew I didn’t want to put the correct factory junk back in, and I had heard many horror stories about aftermarket polyurethane mount bushings not fitting correctly and causing some funky squeaks. I was contemplating cobbling together a bunch of old style Factory Ford rubber mounts, which I’m told also fit, but I just felt there had to be a better solution. In step S&B Filters’ brand new Silicone Rubber Cab Mounts.


A lift isn't necessary to change the cab mounts out, but it definitely makes the job easier.

These S&B mounts were just released and the kit they have put together looks really impressive. Unlike every other kit on the market (including stock replacements) S&B includes all new hardware. That includes uniquely designed steel cups and the correct length cab bolts. However, what really sets the S&B Mounts apart is the Silicone Rubber material used for the bushings. It won’t fail and degrade like the factory parts and it won’t increase NVH like some of the other brands on the market. Best-of-all, the S&B mounts carry a full lifetime warranty. Check out our Unboxing Video to see all the details:

Like we mentioned before, we had to go slightly cab-up for a minor refit. That gave us the opportunity to see just how bad our factory units had gotten in the past 11 years. Needless to say, we were completely disappointed. Half the bushings were significantly degraded and at least one was completely gone. By ‘gone’, I mean there was nothing there. Thanos must have snapped it into dust somewhere on I-95. I’d say they were due for replacement.


The old style factory rubber mounts hold up decently well.

While most Super Duty owners won’t be lifting the cab specifically to replace the mount bushing, the Powerstroke engines seem to always present you with the opportunity to get high. That being the case, you’d have to be an absolute fool to not replace the OEM bushing or to go back with new Ford units. Even in the best of conditions, they begin to deteriorate in a couple of years. Your truck deserves better.


The S&B mounts are a major upgrade over any combination of OEM mounts.

I can’t really give you a how-to guide for installing these S&B mounts, and the reason for that is that I don’t know what tools you have to work with or the condition of your truck. My truck is essentially a rust free southern truck. However; that didn’t stop us from having to heat up, and eventually cut-off one of, the front mounts. Your experience may be better, or much worse. Also, we had access to a proper 2-post lift. Still, if you’re doing this kind of work in your driveway it can be done with a combination of jack stands and floor jacks. In the end, if you’re looking to tackle this job yourself your mileage may vary. Check out this vid to see our install experience and final results:

Ultimately, I have to say that I’m extremely impressed by the S&B product. It’s much more than a just a box of bushings. S&B has put together a fully engineering and improved product that far exceeds the performance, longevity, and completeness of anything else on the market. My cab is now sitting properly on the frame, and the truck has never been quieter. I really can’t recommend the S&B Cab Mount Kit for the Ford Super Duty enough. I’d buy it all over again. If you’re planning on going cab-up any time soon you should certainly check them out. If you interested in learning more check out the manufacturer’s information page and links to purchase:


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If you have a 2008-16 Ford Super Duty, this is the kit you want.


Do you remember the end of Avengers :: Infinity War? My factory cab mounts do.


I would say this is a significant upgrade.


She still looks good after over a decade of service. Look how straight those body lines are.

Finally, I want to give a huge shout-out to Khion's One Stop Shop (KOSS) in Conway, SC. Khion got the truck in and knocked out the work in record time. If you need professional Ford diesel work done in the Grand Strand Area def check out KOSS. I've known Khion for years and he's a stand up guy. Bonus points to anyone who knows how I met Khion.

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@SID297 Several months have passed and cooler temps have likely hardened the silicone- still impressed?

I replaced 2 of mine (rear cab corners) with Dorman’s rubber option earlier this year and they’ve done well, but I need to do the rest. 2012 @ 60k.
@SID297 Several months have passed and cooler temps have likely hardened the silicone- still impressed?

I replaced 2 of mine (rear cab corners) with Dorman’s rubber option earlier this year and they’ve done well, but I need to do the rest. 2012 @ 60k.

So far so good. No weird noise and still rides great. The truck needs new shocks, but that's a topic for another day.

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