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    WTB: 2.3 Whipple, Kenne Bell, VMP

    Looking to buy a used twin screw for my 03 cobra. Would prefer a 2.3 whipple, but I will also take a Kenne Bell or older VMP. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G975U using the mobile app
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    2010 GT500 upgrade

    If you do upgrade how much would you sell your eaton for Sent from my SM-G975U using the mobile app
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    WTB M122 with cracked casing

    Also would take one that makes a bunch of noise dont care as long as it turns lol Sent from my SM-G975U using the mobile app
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    WTB M122 with cracked casing

    Does anyone have a m122 for sale with a cracked casing or one sitting around thats not being used that someone woukd sell for cheap, all I need is the internals and front drive the case is not my concern. So if you have one taking up space I will be more than happy to take it off your hands...
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    wtb 96-99 Cobra

    show me what you got looking for 96-98 cobras. Show me the coupes. No Verts. Any color. If you want sell show me now, preferably in the midwest area but will make a trip for the right car
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    Do you still have the mystic cobra for sale

    Do you still have the mystic cobra for sale
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    Do you still have the car for sale

    Do you still have the car for sale
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    1998 Bright Atlantic Blue Cobra

    Is this still availabe
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    WTB 03/04 Cobra

    Don't worry boys I'm not that niave, haha I know no one is about to offer me a sonic blue. comp orange or mystichrome. Again don't care what color. I know this is cheap for Termis, but I've seen them go for this price before
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    WTB 03/04 Cobra

    hey guys will be in the market here very soon to buy an 03/04 cobra, at least try to haha, my budget is 14k. I know that's probably low but just seeing what I could get it anything if not, I have no problem getting a 2012 GT. I'm open to any color. I do want a Vert. Miles aren't to concerining...
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    Looking for a 95 Kenne Bell

    Looking to see if anyone wants to sell a Kenne Bell for a 95 5.0. I know Kenne Bell stopped production on these a while ago. So figured this would be my best bet
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    4v Modfox questions!!!

    So I came across a fox body with a 4v swapped in it for 5k, it has long tunes Cai, and msd coil packs, has 147,500 miles on motor, swapped from 98 donor, has front seats sn95 dash gauges, center console, new clutch, short throw, anyways I was just wondering a couple of things any common problems...
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    How safe is a vortech

    Hey guys so I'm pretty sure I'm going to do a vortech on my cobra, I really would like to intercool it but not sure if I will have enough for it, are they still safe non intercooled, at least for a little while until I can afford an intercooler setup? This is unless I can't come across a decent...
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    Suggestions on tuners

    I'm looking to find a really good tuner, for my 97 cobra after I do the vortech setup I want it as safe as can be while still getting good power, it will be intercooled, I'm just looking for advice, I'm from the St. Louis area and would rather be local, or if it's possible for someone to mail...
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    how common is a terminator swap?

    Sons have been looking to just about every option on what to do with this cobra I have, I am considering a lot of things... Including forging my internals, vortech, KB, ect. My budget is around 5k I would want to start with close to 400 rwhp, but almost would like to have the ability for room to...