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  • Hello, I have read the oil thread with great interest. I have a 2014 Mustang GT track Pack. I will never race it, I drive pretty short trips, roughly 10 miles at a time. I drive pretty easy with occasional spirited driving getting on the freeway. I live in Dallas, TX and will put maybe 20k miles per year on the car. From what I have gathered I should use AMSOIL 5w-30 or maybe 10w30? I am not too sure. Thanks!

    hey, i sent sean at AED some data logs and he said that my fuel quality was poor. im located in parkland fl and use chevron 93 octane. he told me that you have been directing FL guys to better fuel stations. what gas do you think i should use?
    how do you break in a motor/the whole car? i have a 2014 mustang gt track pack it has 400 miles... 1st oil check and any other choices? its a daily driver.... i stil have not taken it to redline yet, i bet and challenger rt today by third gear shifting at 6k.... they are so slow...lol please help I dont want any issues with these car its not paid for yet....
    Hey Troy

    really cool stuff you write about oils. I am an interested layman. What I like is that your stuff is not only theory but that you analyze the oil. I guess the proof is the pudding.

    2 questions:
    a) you sell Amsoil? I think I read something about a discount. correct me if I am wrong. How does it work?

    b) I have 2014 Mustang GT with Track Pak (300miles ;-)). (I love it). I will not race it, maybe once or twice a track day with instruction. But here in the Bay Area are a lot of traffic jams and engine gets hot idling. Would you rather take 10w-30 or for being stuck in traffic the -40? (I know its a shame to treat a Mustang that way;-))
    Or even RD30? I want to give this cars later to my son. So keeping the engine in top shape is prio 1.

    Hey man,
    Been following your threads for years, always nice to see new stuff from you.
    One thing is, I couldnt find posts of you refering to Redline's oil. Have you seen their 5W-20/5W-30 in "action"? How is it? Thats what I'm running at the moment.

    I just joined the SVT forum and read your oil posts. My 2013 Shelby has had one oil change previous to this at 1900km and I just did one before putting it away for the winter (7400km). I know about synthetic/true synthetic shinanagans and I've always used Amsoil in all my cars (signature series). I used to race Mopars before getting the Shelby and the heaviest oil i ran in my 440 was 10W30.

    Since the Shelby is new I decided to follow what's. As you mentioned, Amsoil does not have a 5W50 oil so when I changed the oil before storage, I used Redline 5W50. The problem I have using the 10W40 AMO is the extra zinc/phosphorus content, since it's not an SN rated oil. Would that not shorten the life of the CATs and thus void the warranty should they fail?

    It would seem the best course might be 10W30 Signature series or sticking with the Motocraft 5W50 since it shears to lower viscosity anyways, which should be OK if you are street driving only and change it it 7500miles.
    Copy that. One last question.... I use to have a 1ton Cummins and only ran valvoline premium blue extreme. It is 5w40 and full synthetic part number vv70518. I have 3 gallons left over after trade in of that truck. What is your opinion on running it in my shelby.... I know you are an Amsoil man but you have extensive general knowledge that might help me to make a decision based on the pros and cons. As always thank you for your time and patience with my questions.
    Is it a good idea to be using 10w40 on my 2013 GT (track pack) or should I go back to 10w30? I drive hard and fast, always putting my RPMs near redline.

    Also, do you have any fixes for the ticking problem..? :/
    So would I be better off using the 10w 40 then? If so please explain the pros and cons. Thank you again.
    Hello sir. I've been reading your UOA post and other 302 and gt500 posts. First off... Thank you for taking so much time to educate the masses and doing a excellent job at NOT being a biased salesman douche :). Anyway to the point... I have a 13 gt500 track pack mostly stock... If I am comprehending the mass of info correctly I should run Amsoil 10W-40 with the Amsoil EaO11 oil filter.... Would there be a downside if I chose the Amsoil RD30 instead? And is their a different filter for the 5.8 or for use with the RD30?

    Any information to include your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    I do not track her at the moment but plan to with new rubber but I do have some nice norcal mountain runs that push the car nicely. I don't daily drive her at all and change the oil at 5k or six months anyway. I am currently using the MC 5w50 "synthetic" ;-)

    Thank you again.
    Hi Unleashed,

    I picked up a 2014 Mustang GT TRACK PACK + BREMBOS - Cap says 5w-50 required, I'm an Amsoil Dealer myself, now, after reading your posts, my options are 10w-30 or 10w-40.
    Can you help me decide which one?
    Its the 5.0, manual, will be driven in Canadian Winter. -20 / -30 Degree CELCIUS weather regularly in Winter.

    Also, when do you recommend I do the first oil change? From your post, I'm seeing 1500miles to go with (2500km)?

    Also, which Amsoil Filter would you recommend?
    Ideally, I'd prefer to run some pure synthetic oil that can be used in both Winter and Summer. The Summers are HOT and the Winters are COLD - Is this even possible?

    Also, if the motor failed for any reason and Ford ran an oil report, would they be able to discover it? Or would it fall under their requirements?
    Hey man, I was reading your post about the 3rd gear wall at high RPM's. I have the exact problem and it's very annoying. Can you give me more info on how to fix mine. I would really appreciate it. Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon.
    I love this site.
    Hey Beast need some help. I have read some of your posts on Amsoil fluids and it sounds like something I would be interested in doing. I have 2014 Mustang gt, what do you highly suggest. Car is mildly modified, JLT cold air, xpipe and tune. It does sit in the garage 4 to 5 days a week, but when I'm in it, its driven pretty good. Just need some help on motor oil, tranny fluids, and rear end. Weather here in Hendersonville(Nashville) Tennessee gets hot in the summer and we have a couple of cold spells(high teens). Thanks for all your help. Marcus
    What would be your suggestion to relieve blowby/ crankcase pressure on 2011 gt500 with 13boost. Do you recommend vented catch can?
    Hey there Unleashed, new user here. I sent you an email regarding your thoughts on my car.
    2nd part, sorry text was to long to post all in 1...

    I even contacted a local AMSOIL rep and DID NOT recommend using any of AMSOIL product! After reading and analysing all the UOA AMSOIL 10W-40 or 10W-30 seems to be fine in our GT500 I even considered Shell T6 5W-40 but i find the MAG way to high!

    Any recommendations on your part would greatly be appreciated, I can purchase 10W-30 Signature at my local Canadian Tire Store so it would make things easy if you think its' the right product or not...next is my TR6060 with your ATF Fluid mine isn't to bad once it's warmed-up with OE .

    Thanks in Advance
    I own a '07 GT500 with 13.000 miles BONE STOCK except for a set of FR axle backs...car is driven from early spring 32F - summer 70/90F - til late Fall 30F +/-...I DO NOT Race nor Track my car oh I mean the odd get-up & go thing, I avg 3000 to 5000 miles year.

    Now Ford has revised their Spec to "C" and do not want us to run high ZDDP & Ph, I ran with the old SM Castrol Syntec A & B aproved Spec and now do not aprove their new formulation for GT500 so last year I ran Mobile 1 5W-50 but Zc & Ph are very high...after reading all of your different posts I have concern of using to high of VISCOSITY and create to HIGH of OIL pressure related to low temperature in my part of CANADIAN country (Ontario,Ottawa) except for summer months...I read a post of yours using 10W-30 Signature I was wondering if that would be good for my type of driving and climate I'm in, as I mentioned early "BONE STOCK" Stat, air intake, pulley, no tune, plugs etc...
    I read some of your posts on synthetic oil. I just bought a 2013 Mustang GT Premium with the track package and my oil cap says 5w-50 Motorcraft. I obviously don't want to continue using Motorcraft so I was wondering; would 5w30 still be a better choice over 5w40 from Royal Purple? I live in Minnesota for now so its below 32F here, but I will be moving south at the end of the year. Recommendations? Also when is it ideal to get your first oil change on the car? Ford is saying 5,000 miles, but then again say that Motorcraft is top notch in the synthetic oil industry -.- would I ruin my engine if I DID wait till my 5,000 mile mark?
    Question for you as you seem to be held in fair esteem on this site. I have a 2010 Shelby GT500 bone stock with about 9,000 miles. Picked it up used with 4,000 and it is a daily driver for me. If I leave it stock or put minor mods maybe 50 rhp addition, how long can I hope for this car to last? Will it last as long as the GT's? Obviously this is just an opinion from you not holding anyone to it. The engine seems very tight. I plan on using full synthetic as called by the OM. Thanks, Lemmy
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