1. V

    Stock GT500 Camber Adjustments

    Is the camber adjustable on a stock 2011 GT500. I drive mine often and would like to not wear down the insides of my front tire as much as I do now. I got it aligned about two months ago and camber was -7 degrees I believe.
  2. C

    OEM Fuel Door Install Issue

    I bought my car with a Bullitt style fuel door. Wasn’t a fan so I got an OEM paint matched one for my car. I attempted to install it and I cannot seem to get it lined up properly where it lines up with the body line of the rear quarter. Any suggestions on how I can install this thing correctly?
  3. C

    Best place to have CC Plates installed and alignment done near Columbus Ohio

    Looking for a shop that knows what they're doing with lowered cars/alignments. Previous owner lowered the car without CC plates and I don't have the tools or space to install the Maximum Motorsports caster camber plates myself, so I need to find a reputable shop who will install them and align...
  4. straightpaint

    full qa1 front suspension alignment tips camber caster

    Looking for tips on how to set my front suspension camber and Caster adjustments on my 96 cobra I have all qa1 components camber caster plates subframe control arms coilovers and bump steer kit
  5. straightpaint

    Full qa1 front suspension 96 cobra any alignment specs for street/strip?

    looking for tips on how to set my front suspension camber and Caster adjustments I have all qa1 components camber caster plates subframe control arms coilovers and bump steer kit
  6. WarspitesFolly

    Looking for recommended Alignment Specs for lowered 2001 GT convertible

    Gentlemen, I am looking for recommended alignment specs for my lowered 2001 GT convertible (daily driver). The car was lowered with the typical parts; maximum motorsports caster camber plates, Steeda bumpsteer kit with X2 balljoints. Springs are Eibach EIB-3530 lowering the car approximately...
  7. BilletKustoms

    Alignment help!?

    I had my buddy to put my car on his alignment rack since the inside of my passenger tire is wearing really bad and pulling to the left. I do have maximum motorsports camber caster plates on it. The car has Koni yellow adjustable struts with Eibach Pro Kit springs. I can not get anymore camber...
  8. K

    4 wheel alignment specs

    i posted before in the driveline section. wondering what would be good specs to ask for a four wheel alignment. i dont race the car it is only a street car (04 cobra vert) and im just looking to get even tire wear and max life. still a newby
  9. K

    Slight rear camber

    I recently took my 2004 cobra for a 4 wheel alignment because the tires that came on it were work very uneven. It's lowered 1.5 Inches. I bought the FTBR eccentric rear camber bolts because I figured I'd need them to get the right amount of adjustment. The guy at the shop (which is a pretty...
  10. K

    2004 cobra centric bolts?

    i recently went for a 4 wheel alignment to fix the camber on the rear wheels. the car is lowered 1.5 inches and they told me in order to fix the camber and align it properly they needed me to get "centric bolts" i was then told that i would need to go to ford for that. so i do and they tell me...
  11. B

    Negative Toe issue.. mechanic says part is frozen needs replacement... please help...

    Hey guys just brought my car ('03) in for an alignment yesterday and the mechanic says that he couldnt get the toe right since the adustable rod (?) was frozen (Passenger Rear side). Said he spent time on it and it wouldnt budge and needs to be replaced. The car wants to gradually drift left...
  12. S

    Aftermarket Idler Pulley - Not machined properly?

    Has anyone experienced pulley alignment issues with aftermarket pulleys? Here is the story: I have a 4.0 whipple running 18 psi on my 08 GT500. I had been dealing with a lot of pulley issues and squeaks , like a whinning pig squeal since a couple of days after I got the car tuned. First...
  13. luke1333

    02 gt conv steering/alignment help for $$$

    Alright guys early in the summer i had 4 tires put on my mustang and aligned. The alignment was never perfect. I work at a dealer and the steering wheel when i bought the car was too far turned to the right and after alignment was too far to the left. The mechanic that did it i was told is the...
  14. L

    just put on gatorback...wont align correct on bottom pulley

    my gatorback finally came in, so i installed it this morning. Got it on, started it up (with no squeaking!!), and noticed the belt was off the bottom pulley by one rib. shut it off, re aligned the belt. bumped the starter a few times and it stayed in place. started the car again, and...
  15. SVT03Chris

    Will I need a new alignment for this?

    I hate to start a new thread over a simple question but wasn't sure on the right answer. Do I need a new alignment if I just remove my top ISOs? I went ahead and got a new alignment after I switched to different springs but will it really be worth it AGAIN for just taking out the top ISOs...