1. N

    Huge Manufacturers Midway at the NMRA Spring Break Shootout!

    Each year the Nitto Tire NMRA Spring Break Shootout at Bradenton Motorsports Park features one of the largest manufacturers midways of the season...and 2018 is no exception! Be sure to hit the ATM on your way to the track March 1-4 for great deals on the parts you need for your Mustang or Ford...
  2. N

    JLT Spring Break Shootout Class at NMRA Opener

    The NMRA Ford Nationals, the #1 all-Ford motorsports show in the U.S., is pleased to announce that JLT Performance is returning as the sponsor of the popular Spring Break Shootout race, contested during the NMRA Ford Nationals season-opening event at Bradenton Motorsports Park, March 1-4, 2018...
  3. J

    1998 Ford Mustang Cobra for Sale

    1998 Mustang Cobra Crystal White w/ black leather purchased in 2009 with 197,000 highway miles $5500 OBO; now has 206,550 mostly highway miles per previous owner - No trades! Car is located in Madison, AL, it has never been wrecked and has a clean title. Original Owners manual with Cobra...
  4. I

    Im SELLING 1998 Ford contour svt 3.0L Swap

    I am asking $2500 it has been painted B5 Blue it was done in garage so not the most perfect paint job a few small imperfections. It runs and drives great the motor has 60,000 on it and is a 3.0L swap and still is a 5 speed manual. No I do not have documentation of the motor swap I bought it how...
  5. C

    WTB 03/04 Cobra CASH IN HAND !

    I'm looking for a CLEAN 03/04 Cobra Must have a Clean title, Preferably under 50k miles, & No issues. I am Not interested in convertibles. Stock or Modded it does matter to me I have CASH IN HAND ready to buy ! (Budget 23K) Located in Portland Oregon - Willing to travel if the price is right
  6. Chris@BAP

    2013 Taurus SHO - Loaded (Non-PP)

    Listing our 2013 Taurus SHO was a tough decision... the car has been AWESOME. It has plenty of space and has given us the ability to move in and out of the NYC area at our leisure. With plenty of power and all the accessories you could want. It truly is the epitome of the modern mid-size sports...
  7. Coyote Crusader

    Hollow axles filled with foam!

    I went to the track and broke an axle yesterday. No wonder those things snap so easily. Hope you like the video!
  8. Lisa@Borla

    BORLA® Exhaust for the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor!

    Video: BORLA® Exhaust for the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor!
  9. N

    Huge Midway at NMRA Maple Grove Next Week

    The 17th Annual WyoTech NMRA Ford Motorsport Nationals returns to Maple Grove Raceway in Reading (Mohnton), PA, May 4-7. The 3rd stop of the NMRA Keystone Automotive Ford Nationals, the NMRA Ford Motorsport Nationals is the largest all-Ford motorsport show in the northeast. This special event...
  10. N

    Show your Mustang at the NMRA Ford Motorsport Nationals

    NMRA’s car show, presented by UPR Products, is always HUGE at the Ford Motorsport Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway and this year will be no exception. Car show participants will descend upon Maple Grove Raceway Saturday and Sunday, May 6-7, for the ultimate Mustang and Ford showcase. Hosted by...
  11. LetsBoost

    How to put a Twin Screw Supercharger on an 01 Cobra

    I want to supercharge my mustang, don't want a centrifugal. Love the look of Twin Screws. I know you can put one on the 99-01 Cobra, but I know I need to do a little modifying. What exactly do I need to do?
  12. Luis Palacios

    IN NEED OF 96'-98' COBRA

    I've been looking for one in Cali for the longest time now (about 7-8 months) and haven't found anything! So disappointing for me when I see super clean examples out of state. NO sign of them here for some reason. :( Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? let me know where I should try looking...
  13. DailyBlown

    WTB: Right Front Spindle

    I am looking for a 2004 Ford Lightning passenger's front/ right front spindle.
  14. LetsBoost

    Aftermarket cold air intake and Procharger?

    I have an aftermarket JLT air intake coming off the throttle body of my 01 Cobra. The problem is that I want to put a Procharger on my car in the future and from the pictures I've seen is that the Cobra has a stock air intake and the Procharger has an air intake that goes where my aftermarket...
  15. K

    FS: Black Leather Jacket - 1999 SVT Cobra - Men's Medium

    I received this jacket while working for Ford SVT in 2000. It was a mock-up for a jacket given as a courtesy to all 1999 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra owners. I've never worn it and it presents as-new. Jacket manufacturer is Roots Canada. Note: as this was a mock-up this jacket doesn't have the VIN...
  16. iwantatermi

    Lean on deceleration question.

    Okay I've been looking around on different forums and I can't really find a good answer. So can someone please verify this for me. I drive a 2001 Lightning with a few bolt-ons; full exhaust, cai, upper pulley, etc. When I'm driving on the freeway going around 60mph and I let off the throttle to...
  17. LetsBoost

    Twin Tubro Set Up?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm new to this website. I'm looking to boost my 01 Cobra, and am currently looking at twin turbo set ups. I don't know TOO much about twin turbos, but I'm guessing they have more than 9 lbs of boost. What do I need to do to my engine before installing...
  18. iwantatermi

    Any good tuners in Arkansas?

    im wanting to get my 01 Lightning tuned, preferably in Arkansas. Anyone have some suggestions?
  19. Cop I Am

    Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords / 5.0 Mustang / Superford Magazines

    I'm doing a some cleaning and have these magazines from the mid 90's thru current year until 5.0 Mustang & Superford were cancelled. (May be missing an issue hear and there) Would like to get rid of them hell might even give them away!!! Let me know if anyone is interested.
  20. laextreme5

    Build Thread : Project Crowdmower : Ford Chassis, Nissan Trans, And Chevy motor

    Well, this is my newest project. If you knew me personally this is quite left field, and i even surprised myself honestly lol. Id originally set out to purchase a budgie wrx to build for 1/4 and 1/2 duties after parting out my 240 project, however while eating lunch after cars and coffee with...
  21. mipodesign

    2 Ford Falcon's

    Didnt post here for a long time and I thought you would enjoy this one guys! :) Drawing was composed from those 2 pictures. Drawn on 14x17 inches paper with graphite pencils :) base photos
  22. EditorTurner

    2017 Steeda Q750 Midnight Edition

    Dark Matters Steeda Vehicles unleashes murdered-out Mustangs with over 800 horsepower By Steve Turner The beauty of the Mustang platform is its adaptability. Owners can paint its canvas to create the masterpiece of their dreams. Some like to do the work themselves and create something that...
  23. EditorTurner

    Terminator-Swap 1965 Mustang

    Challenge Accepted Sam Anderson challenged himself to build a 733-horsepower classic Mustang By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Sam Anderson If you have built more than one project car, you always want to push the next one to a higher plane than the last. That was definitely the case for...
  24. EditorTurner

    2016 SEMA Show Mustangs

    SEMA Stampede The Sin City excitement builds as Ford teases its SEMA Mustang show cars By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Each year in November the automotive aftermarket industry takes over Las Vegas, Nevada, to show off its new wares. Nearly every booth at the show...
  25. EditorTurner

    Belgians Love Mustangs

    Chocolate Reign Mustangs are popular all over Europe, but Belgians are really sweet on them By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Mustang sales may have cooled a bit stateside, but the latest pony cars are still hot overseas. Apparently, they are steamy as hot chocolate in...