1. Jake@Lethal

    Lund Racing tuning changes & limited nGuages IN STOCK here at Lethal Performance!

    Things have changed! Lund is now tuning with the HPTuners licensed nGauges (as well as his own, if you've got one)! We have quite a few of these unicorns left IN STOCK but don't wait, once they are gone they're gone FOR GOOD! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a message or give us...
  2. beefcake

    $50 off Lund nGauge - Today Only at Team Beefcake

    Today only pick up a Lund nGauge for $50 off! This deal includes the nGauge itself, with a tune, or with our Lund power packages! Have any quesitons? Feel free to PM or call us at (855)827-7223. Lund Racing Custom Tuning | Team Beefcake Racing
  3. beefcake

    Memorial Day Sales

    Today only (5/28/2018) MGW is 10% off. Lund nGauges are $50 off both standalone and in the tune packages. We are also running many other sales! Lund Racing $50 OFF nGauge & Combo Kits | May 28th Only | No Coupon Needed Vortech Superchargers 10% OFF | May 24 - May 29th | No Coupon Needed Paxton...
  4. fishpick

    Thoughts on an nGauge in a Vert

    So I'm looking forward here... Hang in there as this is a bit of what if post... As soon as I get my Whipple on top the engine later this month - there's this likelihood I'll want to change from the stock Whipple tune to a Lund / AED tunes - because, here's my thinking, while I plan to run on...
  5. Jim Ferraro

    HP Tuners nGauge

    As many of you know, HP Tuners is a vendor here. The HP Tuners version of the nGauge fits all Coyote and can be tuned by any HP Tuners tuner shop. Retail is $449 Shops: Contact me if you want to stock and sell these. This empowers you to use YOUR tuning in the nGauge via HP Tuners VCM...
  6. Jim Ferraro

    HP Tuners nGauge supports 2012+ GT500, lets you choose who tunes your car

    The HP Tuners ‪#‎nGauge‬ now supports: 2011-2015 Mustang GT 2011-2015 F150 5.0 2011+ GT500 2015 Mustang 2.3 Ecoboost 2011-2014 F150 Ecoboost This is the HP Tuners "open" version, which means you can choose your remote tuner or get a local, in house dyno tune from any HP Tuners tuner shop. If...
  7. Jim Ferraro

    HP Tuners nGauge now supports 11-14 GT500 and you can choose who tunes your vehicle!

    The HP Tuners nGauge has added support for the 2011-2014 GT500 :beer: Unique to the HP Tuners version of the nGauge is the ability to choose who will tune your vehicle. (And switch tuners later if you want). Many of the top tuner shops are HP Tuners dealers and you more than likely have a...
  8. Jim Ferraro

    More nGauge clarification

    Since there have been numerous requests for clarification... The nGauge is not exclusive to anyone. I'll repeat that: The nGauge is not exclusive to ANYONE. Lund has their own version that is only for Lund and can only be tuned by Lund. If you're getting a Lund tune, use that version...
  9. Jim Ferraro

    Installed an HP Tuners nGauge on my 2012 F150 Coyote

    Yeah, it's not a mustang, but the same process applies to the Coyote mustangs, save for the mounting location. Super easy to make tuning changes via email from your preferred custom tuner with the removable SD card, and it doesn't sit in your glovebox and collect dust like a tuner does. This...